I used to be scared of cats. whenever I remember that I laugh, because I now realize that I was crazy.

Why would you be scared of something this cute and innocent ?

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My little brother is a HUGE cat lover, and he adopted several kittens in his 14 years of living, but no matter what I still had this tiny bit of fear of them in my heart. until Basboos came along..

When my brother first brought Basboos home, I was scared, but when I got used to him I realized that I was silly.
Basboos is a street cat, but he's so cute, friendly and smart. and I love him to bits💕 I'm really happy for having him around.

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This is him💛

I decided to write this article, because today is National Cat Day!
sooo, Happy National Cat Day to all cat lovers around the globe💕💕

20 Reasons To Adopt A Cat:

1- Cat ownership is linked to a decreased risk of death from all cardiovascular diseases, including strokes.

2- Their purrs naturally calm your nerves.

3- They make you laugh harder than you ever thought possible.

4- They can help people with autism communicate.

5- They support you in your battle with depression.

6- They crush feelings of loneliness with unconditional love.

7- They typically don’t meow at other cats – they save this cute little form of communication for humans, so you should feel special :)

8- Most kittens are born with blue eyes, they typically change as they get older. And in relation to their body size, cats have the largest eyes of any mammal.

9- They're adorable.

10- They will help you to have a nap, because they love napping and you'll feel tempted to do the same.

11- They like to cuddle.

12- They don’t mind if you give them silly names.

13- They don’t need much looking after, because they are very independent and self-sufficient.

14- Most of them, if not all of them, litter-trained. so you don't have to worry about your furniture!

15- Their life span is significantly longer than most other pets, averaging out at 14 years.

16- They are skilled hunters that will help keep the bug population down in your home.

17- You don't have to bathe them everyday, because the clean themselves regularly.

18- Cat fur on everything will give you that extra nudge you need to actually do laundry and vacuum.

19- studies show they lower blood pressure.

20- You'll be saving a life 💕

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