Whell literaly i get bored everytime specially in the weekends when everyone gets out and i stay in home,sometimes is pretty much sad.But thats why I'm here :3

1.-Listen music🎧
Personally i like Melanie,Florence and the machine,k-pop and Lana del Rey for me that is life.

2.-Draw something🎨
Find your style from draw,actually i have a collection speacially for that,there is a lot from types of draw to choose,the mine is Manga i like a lot even if im not very nice yet jsjsj.

3.-Wacht Anime uwu jsjsjs
I LOVE ANIMEEEEEE and i love to be a otaku💕✨im very proud about that even if my family don't like it at all..but personally don't care,so i recomended you,watch some anime i promise you are goin to love it :3❤.

4.-Write something
How can you see i like a lot write Cx this is my first article here but i write more then you think and is not writes from school xd lmao.

Books and fanarts it just...-cries- beautiful 😭💗

6.-Play video games ewe like the song of Lana jsjs Im goin to sound like a boy but what can i say if an otaku pretty and nasty -like Lisa in as if your last jsjsjs-i now i need friends xdxd

Thanks for read my bible,sorry but i get excited (\>.</) i thinks nobody read it at the end :,,v -cries- but if someone yes,arigato guzaimazu💕