As I was reading an article in Noveber issue od Serbian Cosmo writen by the editor I decided that I should share my story as well.

I was, I believe, 12 years at the time. My body recently developed and became interesting to all kind of boys at my school. And as all other girls in my school was forced to make peace with name calling because no one wanted to do anything about it. Boys will be boys, they would say. Even butt grabbing was ignored. All we could do is try to stay invisible.

The main problem was the fact that I always had many male friends because at the time I had more common intrests with them then with the girls my age. So the girls get jealous because I always got more attention and respect from our male pears then them, which resulted in the nasty rumor about me that stuck with me for a long time.

And I would have probably be fine with being called a whore since I knew it wasn't true if it didn't attract the wrong kind of attention for male students of our school.

At that time I was constantly worried that someone would get the wrong idea and get to me on my way home. Since The school hours ended wery late here in Serbia... I would go home during night and I would always go alone. My worries would prove to be justified, as one night five boys waited for me in the dark next to the building I lived in. They jumped me and started touching me inappropriately. As I was, and still am a fairly small girl the only thing I could do was scream for help and get into a fetal position so the couldn't touch me.

This nightmare lasted 15 minutes until finally someone opened a window to see what was going on. As my neighbor appeared they got scared and ran away. I was mortified and to this day I havent told this story to anyone. I was way to embaresed. I've convinced myself that it was my fault. I shouldn't have be so friendly, I shouldn't have worn the chlotes I was wearing.

Now I realise I was wrong for staying quiet. Now I know I should have demanded justice for myself. What they did was not right and I didn't deserve it. No one deserves such a thing.

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