1. Yoga boosts up your metabolism - so your body burns fat faster.

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2. Your muscles and tendons will be more flexible - goodbye cramps and leg pains after long days at school or work!

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3. Your sleep will get better - your body will feel relaxed and your sleep will be deeper.

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4. Your spine won't be so affected after stressful days - and your mind too!

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5. You will be more self-confident - practicing yoga need accuracy, patience, determination and carefullness - you need those in your life as well.

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6. Noone will make you feel angry or nervous as fast as before - actually, you will be able to hold your breath and... let it go.

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7. Yout body will get toned and lean - after some time, you will notice muscles building up.

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8. You will feel that extra achievement goals reached after every session - and that's awesome! Right?

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9. You will be more stable - physically and mentally.

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10. Yoga will change your life - not only your body. It will make you think about your inner-self, as well as about what you eat and what you do.

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