As some of you know art is a huge part of my life,I've wrote my fair share about music but today I'm talking about my art journey plus sharing with you my favorite artists and their social media <3

I've loved art since I can remeber , I loved music since I was in kindergarden, I started drawing at 4 years old, scrapbooking at 7, writing journals at 8, writing poems when I was 10 (they weren't that good but they were very personal and special to me) and taking up drawing as a hobbie when I was 12 years old.

When I was 14 I had to move (by myself) to the city I'm currently living in because I had to continue with my education and In my hometown there wasn't any high schools nor university, I had to move from a place I was so accoustumed to with a 500 people population to a big city, where I knew nobody and knew anything about, during this time my self esteem was super low, I had to start working at my grandma's store, and soon I fell into a state of depression wich I didn't realize I was in until I was like 18 years old.

My depression had been there for so long that it made huge struggles in my life, i got kicked out of school because I had been failing almost every class since I started uni, during this time I was really hooked up on FB and Tumblr wich are in my opinion the most toxic platforms out there.
I started to develope severe anxiety, I couldn't sleep, I didn't eat, I couldn't take public transport, I woke up crying every single day and I started having nervous breakdowns every night, I used to run in the middle of the night and cry in abandoned places because I felt like I wanted to rip my skin appart, it was a horrible time for me.

I took a job during this time out, in a place I wasn't really confortable in, but that was the point, to get out of my comfort zone and see life from a different perspective.

I went in a journey of self discovery and realized I was so full of anger, sadness, shame and other negative emotions, I realized I had left behind everything that brought happiness and peace into my life wich was art and nature, and that I had taken this persona that was so far away from whom I was just as a self defense mechanism because I wanted to be left alone, accepted and respected.

I started asking myself "Who was I before I moved to this city?" then it hit me! "Hey I used to draw all the time, what changed? I used to write poems and it made me so happy, I used to read nearly everyday, why don't I read anymore? now that I think about it I always wanted to learn how to paint, and to buy a camera because I loved pictures so much, why did I stopped doing all those things?"

During this time I worked at the bar I met a girl wich I made friends with so quickly, she helped me reconect with the world and she thought me so much about finding happiness in the simple things of life, she tought me how to take pictures with my phone and got me into the whole IG experience.

Once I started browsing IG I discovered a whole new way to self express wich involved all the things I was passionate about and that was art journaling, wich helped me so much in my journey of reconecting with my artsy ways

So now Im sharing with you guys my favorite artists:

Fiphie is a 20 year old artist , she was my first look into art journaling, she is very talented, she writes beautiful poems, and her drawing skills are amazing, you can find her in IG or on Youtube where she uploads speed art videos

Image by ♡*:・゚✧Konlaw*:・゚✧♡ Image by ♡*:・゚✧Konlaw*:・゚✧♡
Her IG: @fireflyfiphie Her channel:

Ida Marie

Ida is a 19 year old super talented artist, she was the main reason I started art journaling, she inspired me to use new technics since she adds glitter, cut outs, paint and pressed leaves on her journals, her art is so colorful and amazing, she also makes videos, jewelry and patches.

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He IG: @aeronautisk Her channel:


Ghostly is a 19 year old artist from Serbia, I stumbled upon her youtube channel when I already started art journaling, her work is beyond amazing, just when I thought I couldn't be surprised she managed to do so, she uses all sorts of things in her journals, boxes, feathers, cut outs, perfume, baby wipes, her style is very unique and beautiful, her videos are really good!

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Her IG: @ghostly_t her channel:

Jordan Clark

Jordan is a 21 year old artist from the U.S and she is by far my favorite youtuber, her videos are so amazing! so clean, organized, she has a calm voice and is very nice, her art is beautiful! and she shares the greatest DIYs

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Her IG: @jordan.e.clark Her Blog: Her channel:

Natàlia Peris

Natàlia is a 24 year old artist from Spain and she is by faaaaaaaar my favorite artist, she is my main source of inspiration not just as an artist but as a human being, Natàlia is such a sweet person I look up to her so much, she is very gentle and kind, I love reading her captions on IG she is very relatable and wise, her art is simple yet gorgeous, very clean and nature inspired but also charged with emotion, she journals, makes jewelry and embroideries, takes beautiful pictures and talks about feminism and mental health, I swear there is nothing this girl can't do and she does everything in a beautiful, graceful manner

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Her IG: @nataliaperis Her tumblr: @todosmismiedos

this is all for today, hope you enjoyed this article and found a bit of inspiration today :) thanks for reading! and see you guys on the next article ❤ ❤ ❤