hellooooo friends

in today's article im gonna show u some ways to improve your grunge style (im not telling you that you have to do this, it's just my vision of that stuff)

so yeah!

lets goooooo

1. fishnets

cool, fashion, and fishnets image fashion, black, and grunge image
I honestly think fishnets are so cool and fashion, also they go really well with a good grunge style.

2. black ripped jeans

chic and fashion image chanel, nike, and black image
I love this kind of jeans so much

3. denim jacket

girl, grunge, and cigarette image girl, fashion, and style image
I think that this makes your outfit a little bit brighter

4. dodie yellow

Image removed fashion, outfit, and vans image
I just wanted to show my appreciation for this yellow tone and for dodie

5. stripes

fashion, grunge, and choker image grunge, style, and tumblr image
am I the only person who thinks that stripes are grunge?

that was it, byeeeeee