Brooke Davis ~ One Tree Hill

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Peyton Sawyer ~ One Tree Hill

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Quinn James ~ One Tree Hill

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Haley James Scott ~ One Tree Hill

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Alex Dupre ~ One Tree Hill

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Rachel Gatina ~ One Tree Hill

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Rachel Green ~ Friends

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Monica Geller ~ Friends

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Phoebe Buffay ~ Friends

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Fiona Gallagher ~ Shameless

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Mandy Milkovich ~ Shameless

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Veronica Fisher ~ Shameless

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Kimmy Schmidt ~ Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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Jacqueline White ~ Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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Blair Waldorf ~ Gossip Girl

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Georgina Sparks ~ Gossip Girl

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Jenny Humphrey ~ Gossip Girl

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Elena Gilbert ~ Vampire Diaries

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Caroline Forbes ~ Vampire Diaries

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Bonnie Bennett ~ Vampire Diaries

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Katherine Pierce ~ Vampire Diaries

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Rebekah Mikaelson ~ The Originals

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Davina Claire ~ The Originals

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Hayley Marshall ~ The Originals

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Camille O'Connell ~ The Originals

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Rory Gilmore ~ Gilmore Girls

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Lorelai Gilmore ~ Gilmore Girls

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Paris Geller ~ Gilmore Girls

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Emily Gilmore ~ Gilmore Girls

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Lane Kim ~ Gilmore Girls

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Marissa Cooper ~ The OC

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Summer Roberts ~ The OC

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Taylor Townsend ~ The OC

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Alison Dilaurentis ~ Pretty Little Liars

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Spencer Hastings ~ Pretty Little Liars

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Hanna Marin ~ Pretty Little Liars

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Mona Vanderwaal ~ Pretty Little Liars

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Malia Tate ~ Teen Wolf

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Allison Argent ~ Teen Wolf

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Lydia Martin ~ Teen Wolf

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Erica Reyes ~ Teen Wolf

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Hayden Romero ~ Teen Wolf

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Jane Villanueva ~ Jane the Virgin

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Petra Solano: ~ Jane the Virgin

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Lusia Alver ~ Jane the Virgin

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Rose Solano ~ Jane the Virgin

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Rachel Berry ~ Glee

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Quinn Fabray ~ Glee

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Santana Lopez ~ Glee

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Brittany Pierce ~ Glee

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Marley Rose ~ Glee

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Riley Matthews ~ Girl Meets World

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Maya Hart ~ Girl Meets World

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Rebecca Bunch ~ Crazy Ex Girlfriend

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Heather Davis ~ Crazy Ex Girlfriend

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Hannah Baker ~ 13 Reasons Why

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Nancy Wheeler ~ Stranger Things

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Eleven ~ Stranger Things

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Betty Cooper ~ Riverdale

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Veronica Lodge ~ Riverdale

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Cheryl Blossom ~ Riverdale

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Michelle Simms ~ Bunheads

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Sasha Torres ~ Bunheads

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Ginny Thompson ~ Bunheads

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Riley Perrin ~ Baby Daddy

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Carrie Bradshaw ~ The Carrie Diaries

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Maggie Landers ~ The Carrie Diaries

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Donna Ladonna ~ The Carrie Diaries

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Carrie Bradshaw ~ Sex and the City

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Miranda Hobbes ~ Sex and the City

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Samantha Jones ~ Sex and the City

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Charlotte York ~ Sex and the City

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