It's hard.

I can't get you out of my heart, or out of my head. There are reminders of you all over town.

When I'm out driving and I see a white car, I can't help but look over and wonder if it's you in the driver's seat. When I pass by the park we always used to visit late at night, I see our ghosts laying in the field mourning what once was. When I drive by the bowling alley, I flashback to our first date, wanting nothing more than to go back in time and warn myself about you. When I see our old high school, I'm reminded of all the times we passed each other in the hallways, and how you offered to drive me home at the end of every day.

Everything is a reminder of what we once had.

It's impossible to forget you, it seems. Which is fine, because I'm not really sure that I want to.