Hey everyone. This is my first article and i want to show you my ultimate bucketlist, or what i want to do before i die. So here we go ! (english isn't my first language so, sorry if i make some mistakes !)


concert, party, and music image dark, theme, and Drake image
I've never been to a concert in 18 years of existence... i want to feel the sensations and the atmosphere and see my favorite artists

visit London

london, Big Ben, and city image london and london eye image
Since I love Harry Potter, I would love to spend a weekend in London. See BigBen, theLondon Eye, go to Picadilly Circus...

go to Asia

pink, light, and japan image city, japan, and photography image seoul, korea, and south korea image Image by can tho tamquang
I can't describe how much I want to go there ... it's like my big dream.

go to the USA

hollywood, california, and travel image new york, city, and taxi image beach, summer, and california image summer, ocean, and beach image
"you can be anything at all, in America, America"

swin naked in the sea

girl, summer, and beach image girl, friends, and sea image
i know, that's weird lol. But i really want to try this.

more tattoos

tattoo, rose, and flowers image Image by olartia
i already have one tattoo, but i want more. i'm so in love with tattoos... TT

enjoy life for one night

friends, night, and light image run, grunge, and night image
i want to spend one night with my friends and do what i want : scream, dance, sing, run, drink.. I want to do this till the sun comes up.

move to Portugal

city, lisbon, and places image beautiful, cities, and lisbon image city, travel, and lisbon image lisbon, portugal, and city image
all my familiy lives in Portugal, plus, i love my country: the beach, the people, the food, the weather... i love all these things.

see northern lights

stars, sky, and snow image wallpaper, sky, and galaxy image

adopt a dog

dog, cute, and animal image dog, cute, and puppy image dog, puppy, and animal image dog, puppy, and animal image

go to the carnival of rio

visit Amsterdam

city and flowers image amsterdam, autumn, and city image
i don't know why but i want to go there in autumn.

attend a color run

colors, fun, and party image indie, summer, and bright image

have a relationship that lasts

love, couple, and sky image love, couple, and kiss image couple, ariana grande, and sunset image couple, love, and car image
yes, that's on my bucketlist.
THAT'S ALL ! byyyyye :))