Bonjour dear hearters!
Again, sorry to start by this way but I have to tell you : 1 000 000 thanks for your feedback about my second article! I'm so so glad that it could be useful and beneficial for you! I found my equilibre in my way of life, and I just want to share this little things which make my life easier, for you to find your own life balance.
So, this is my third article about my parisian habits. I wrote it since few weeks but I was shy to share it, 'cause I'm afraid you do not like it ... It's a little bit different but I really hope you will enjoy reading it!

Take and read the newspapers everyday

I'm taking it everyday at the subway exit and reading it in a café. So cliché, I know.

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Have breakfast in Café

Every morning before going to my fashion school (when I'm not late), I go in a café, in the corner of my school. It's a cozy place where I can work quietly (but most of time just chilling). I order a coffee or a cappuccino with a croissant, and the journal of course.

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Wear red lipstick everyday

Because Frenchies are classics.

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Take metro

Every day to go to school!

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Have a French Bulldog

Do you know him ? Milord, my lovely frenchie. I take him everywhere with me.

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Wear trench

In every season, I wear trench coat. I have a lot of these, long, short, beige, brown, for winter, lighter for summer ...

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Have a brunch on Sunday morning with friends

It's sacré! Every sunday morning, we meet with girls at "Season", a café in the 3rd district, for a brunch. It's time for gossip, fun, coffee and healthy food.

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Order taxi or Uber

I don't have driver licence, so most of time I take subway, but when it's rainy or cold, when I come home late at night or when I just don't want to take it ... I order taxi or Uber.

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I drink red wine

It's so french. I drink red wine at dinner.

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Wear cashmere sweater

I'm waiting the cold seasons all the year just for wear my cashmere sweaters.

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Always admire Paris

I often go on the rooftop bar to admire my lovely and beautiful city, its lights, energy and love.

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Take books in library

There is a smell of old books, the pages turn yellow, people are studious and you can find books you can not find anywhere else.

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Eat Baguette and cheese

I can't have a meal without baguette, and cheese. It's perfect with a glass of red wine!

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Wear fringe

I'm not wearing it anymore, but all my friends does.

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Go to the market

I always buy vegetables, fruits, cheese and flowers at the street market. It's so authentic (and bio)!

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Have a walk along the Seine

Especially on the sunday after a huge brunch. Or every day after school, its inspiring me.

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Read books in the metro

(and pretty much everywhere)

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Wear berets

It's cozy. It's warm. It's fency. It's french. It's perfect !

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Voilà ! Do you love it ? Because I had so much fun to write it! Feel free to send me a message to tell me if you loved it or not ...
As usually, ce fût un plaisir! Bises
__ Rose J