Feeling hopeless? Depressed? Not good enough?Do you feel like you’re having the worst time of your life? Well then first thing you want to do is to change your mind set. As for some of you this may appear as a difficult task and let’s be real in today’s society it is a pretty tricky task however don’t let that society stereotypes stop you from changing your mind set. Whenever you’re going through a tough time put your head up and think to your self things will get better! I will be the happiest version of me! I want to be depression stress sadness anger and whatever is causing all this pain to me free!! And not just that you’re going to say it you are going to believe in it and work hard to be ....YOU! You don’t want society, financial problems anxiety or depression get to you! Why? Because everything what you like and what makes you happy ...makes YOU! Do you like reading books then read books , Do you like drawing and sketching , If that’s what makes you happy then JUST DO IT! If your in the mood of course

However ladies and gentlemen as this may seem pretty easy , you dot want to overthink it and be happy all the time as this can take you back to the start of this chain , If you feel sad let it out, all of these&more are human emotions and you are a human after all . My point is you don’t want to be stuck in the same pattern of depression anxiety or stereotypes through out all these emotions , BECAUSE THATS JUST NOT YOU that’s basically something taking over your body if you want to put it this way.

Remember you are beautiful for what you are not for what society wants you to be!

Iva xx