Hi there, so this is my first ever WHI article and i'm so excited!

i'm going to start off small, easy; a fall playlist seems fit. i'm going to list a few of my favorite songs along with some of the lyrics that i love in these songs, and hopfully it will help you decide if you like the song or not.

anyways, enough rambling. Enjoy!


-Aquilo "Let's go out in flames so everyone knows who we are cause these city walls never knew that we'd make it this far"

How Long

-Charlie Puth "you've been creepin' 'round on me while you're callin' me baby


-Ed Sheeran "When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath, but you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight"


-Fly By Midnight "We don't have to loose all the groove babe
Grab your favorite record and we'll move like they used too"


-Fly By Midnight "Sit back, recline with me, slip on the Calvin Klein for me, exhale your troubles and struggles, from your lips to my lips"

Can I Be Him

-James Arthur "I swear that every word you sing, you wrote them for me
Like it was a private show, but I know you never saw me"

Only You

-Joshua Radin "Wonder if you'll understand, it's just the touch of your hand, behind a closed door"


-Kodaline "If I was dying on my knees, you would be the one to rescue me, and if you were drowned at sea, I'd give you my lungs so you could breathe"

I Remember

-Mahalia "I remember every time I had a frown you'd hold me
Until the stars came out and the sun went down"

Find You

-Nick Jonas "You look for love but you never really try, you say it's not but it's always on your mind, keep chasing gold but you lose the silver lining"


-Noah Kahan "'This is for all those dreams I believed in, this is for all those doubts in my mind, this is the last damn thing that I hold close to me, I won't let anyone so wrong tell me what's right"


-Kygo "Burns half as long when it's twice as bright, so if it's beyond us, then it's beyond us"

Dusk Till Down

- ZAYN and Sia "I'll be with you from dusk till dawn, baby, I'm right here
Go, give love to your body"

What Would I Change It To (MUST LISTEN TO)

-Avicci "Maybe you're falling, but you're still alive...
And cutting corners gets you where you're going
But how you get there is the real test"

Seeing Blind

-Niall Horan "I have seen, seen it all in paper dreams, watched it unfold on the screen, but I never understood"


-Niall Horan "Then I look in my heart, there's a light in the dark, still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me, that I wanna keep, please don't leave"

You And Me

-Niall Horan "I've got a young heart, and it's wild and free, I don't know where it starts, but it ends with you and me"

Just Like You

-Louis Tomlinson "Every heart breaks the same, every tear leaves a stain, can't I just be the same?"

Don't Forget About Me

-Cloves "Hey, hey, without you there's holes in my soul"

War Of Hearts

-Ruelle "I can't help but love you, even though I try not to, I can't help but want you, I know that I'd die without you"

This Is The Hunt

-Ruelle "We live in shadows, we live where darkness hides"