Okay guys, so here I am with another article. If you haven't read my previous article check it out.

This isn't gonna be an extremely long article, bc I don't think there'd be a lot of thing which I couldn't live without.
But..let's begin.

1. My dog, Lola.
This little creature is my everything in this world.

dog, puppy, and animal image dog, cute, and puppy image
That is not her, just I have a westie

2. My phone,
ok, well, that's so obvious. I use my phone everyday, but who doesn't?

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3. My best friend
What would I do without my bestie? Probably, I would jump out of the window. Because she is the one who makes my everydays better.

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Thank you Dóri for being my sister from another mother. You're my other half. You're making my life worth living for.

Without music I would lost my mind, but really. I would go insane.

music, heart, and note image music and life image

5. My granny
Oh,my granny. She is the smartest, nicest, kindest and coolest granny in the world. I love her soo much and I can't be glad enough for her.

So that was it my third article, hope you liked it,show me some love and follow me if you want or text me. It would be fun to have internet friend,

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