What is up my friends, I'm back here, it's the end of a month and I have a playlist ready to be writing into an article so buckle your seatbelt and get ready to discover new beautiful music.

I'm going to add my favourite lyric into this because it makes it more personal and also give you more of an insight into the song xox

suddenly - british india
"Shut down, struggling to breathe
The most beautiful thing I've ever seen"

she only loves me when i’m there - ballpark music
“i got the nervous twitching algorithms right beneath the trees”

ubu - methyl ethel
“why’d you have to go and cut your hair?
why’d you cut your hair?”

magnolia - gang of youths
“yeah i’m drunk, but i’m ready to kick some ass tonight”

the louvre - lorde
“i over think your punctuation use
not my fault, just a thing that my mind do”

supercut - lorde
“i’ll be your quiet afternoon crush,
be your violent overnight rush”

once and never again - the long blondes
“nineteen, you’re only nineteen for god’s sake,
you don’t need a boyfriend”

dear science - seth sentry
“i guess back to the future was a dick-tease”

anything near conviction - luca brasi
“i don’t ever wanna hear you say,
that this is the best that you’ll ever get from me”

parlez vous francais - art vs science
“got binoculars for my sexy neighbours
they always in their yard doing cha cha cha”

daft pretty boys - bad suns
“there’s a dangerous kind of cool about you,
but she didn’t, no she didn’t know nothing”

a sudden light - gang of youths
“there’s men in our basement,
wearing our clothes”

he likes boys - simone battle
“he likes boys,
i like this guy but he’s on the fence”

little bit leave it - chris & kem
“it’s and little bit leave it”

FFYL - quinn XCII
“but behind closed doors,
i’m a fool for your love”

million miles away - keegan allen
“We all fall in love so it’s funny how they say,
fools rush in where the angels fear to play”

that one song - gnash
“cause all i wanna do is be alone with you,
cause i think you’re the bestest”

dead - madison beer
“you say you can’t live without me,
so why aren’t you dead yet?”

fight for your right to party - big & rich
“but your teacher preaches class like you’re some kind of jerk”

intergalactic - beastie boys
“well now don’t you tell me to smile,
you stick around i’ll make it worth your while”

idontwannabeyouanymore - billie eilish
“if tear drops could be puddled,
there’d be swimming pools filled by models”

dreaming - mac demarco
“maybe she’s best in dreams,
she’s still the best i’ve seen”

love me do - the beatles
“love, love me do,
you know i love you”

i’ve just seen a face - the beatles
“falling, yes i am falling,
and she keeps calling,
me back again”

dizzy miss lizzy - the beatles
“you make me dizzy miss lizzy,
the way you rock and roll”

pleaser - wallows
“wasting time around my head,
so i talk to myself instead”

american money - BORNS
“in your eyes green like american money,
you taste just right sweet like tennessee honey’

so good at being in trouble - unknown mortal orchestra
“so good at being in trouble,
so bad at being in love”

weak - AJR
“but i’m weak,
and what’s wrong with that”

wait a minute - willow
“wait a minute,
i think i left my conscious on your front doorstep”

outside with the cuties - frankie cosmos
“feeling very touched,
cause my friends are in love”