I just want to get away from everything.I want to delete all my social medias and live a life without media, without a phone.
If people used to go on with their lives without using mobile phones and technology, so can we, right? But i wouldn’t be able to write this without my phone and Whi, so bleh I’m just gonna keep using my phone and use We heart it more instead ha!

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I want to resume meditation and yoga and take this to a more professional level; to attend a yoga and meditation center so that i can feel a lot better in my mind and in my body.

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Nature connectedness

I want to go on adventures and become more connected to nature and see and feel all the beautiful natural things around me.

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I want to make people around me feel loved and happy. Every human beings deserve to have this beautiful feeling after all. I love observing people and i love how they are all different, physically and emotionally. Each one of them is so beautiful. That’s why i smile at strangers and when they smile back, it just makes me happy. We are all still the same species and even if we don’t go through the same obstacles in our life, we can still relate to each other as we are simply human beings that are just living in the same society and world.

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I want to discover new music and put them out loud while going on road trips with people that i love.

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I want to go to numerous flower fields because i have so much love for all types of flowers and they are all so beautiful in their own way, somehow like human beings. Although , i have a preference for sunflowers as i think that they bring so much colors and light in this world.

Well, that's all for the moment.I actually wrote this when i woke up on this lovely sunday morning,i wanted to write a bit. Thank you for reading my first article and i hope you liked it! :) Much love xx