*All of theses are my Ideas so don't take any.

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#1 The bad girl aesthetic - She's that girl that doesn't care who you are she will tell you off if you come at her. Everyone knows her because she fights, smokes, an parties. Boys like her, but won't ask her out because she's isn't the "girlfriend type" you can't control her because she's the bad girl.
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#2 The spiritual girl aesthetic - She's the girl that everyone goes to for advice because she give good advice that isn't bias. She is the girl that attracts the bad boys for some reason, maybe they need a spiritual girl in their life. She also really loves nature and animals.
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#3 The bad boy aesthetic - He is the boy that's in all the girls dreams. He is the boy that comes from a broken home. He is not much of a talker but if you don't want to get on his bad side. He is a mystery since he doesn't let people get to close to him since people always leave him once he gets close to them. He likes the good girl because they have this type of innocence that he doesn't see in himself. .
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#4 The good girl aesthetic - She's the girl that sits in the front of the class that gets straight A's. She is not really a talker. She never goes to parties she really doesn't do anything bad. Some people envy her because they wish they could as good and smart as her. She stays away from the bad boys and the popular boys actually she stays away from all boys, mainly because she isn't ready for the dating world. .
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#5 The wild girl aesthetic - She is the girl that goes to almost every party. She could be considered the "party" girl. She does drugs to keep her mind off school and life. Everyone thinks she has the perfect life, when in reality she doesn't, but she is convincing because she has a good facade.
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#6 The sad girl aesthetic - She the girl that is always sad and post sad quotes . People think that she does it for attention but she actually doesn't the reason why she post stuff about being sad is because it's kind of her outlet when she can't come up with her own words. She tries her hardest to not be sad, but it's so hard for her
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#7 The dreamer girl aesthetic - She is the girl that thinks about her future, but she is also the girl that has her own little world. Most people would think she came from a good home life because she is so optimistic all the time but she actually comes from a not so good home life. Most of the time she lives in her fantasy world because she hates to face reality. Something people don't know about her is that she goes to bed crying because she knows that one day she will have to face reality one day.
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#8 The nice guy aesthetic - The nice guy is the guy most people would think has every girl wrapped around his finger but actually he doesn't (sadly). Girl like having him as a friend but not a boyfriend. Most girls nowadays don't want the nice guy they mostly want the bad boy. He has thoughts about changing into the bad boy ,but never goes through with it because he doesn't think that will help anything, and he knows that one day the right girl will come that loves him for being nice and caring.
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#9 The skater girl aesthetic - She's is also known as the tomboy. She's loves skating it's like her life. Boys are attracted to her because she isn't like the other girls they have met. She doesn't really date because she just isn't into that yet. She is very strong minded and could tell you off in a minute if you got on her bad side. She isn't popular but a lot of people know her and thinks she is a chill person. I guess you can call her a rebel but I wouldn't say she is a bad girl. She knows how to have fun let's put it that way.

*These are my ideas so please don't take any.