Haii my bae`s today I gonna tell you the reasons why I wanna travel to which cities. I think from of the moment you go travel to a city then you know how beautiful and wonderfull this world really is.

1. The United Arab Emirates
to visit this country is a very big dream of me and also for many people.
- Everything there is so big: the biggest fountain, shopping center and building.
- The weather is ther is so hot
- It is there very chic

Dubai, united arab emirates, and burj khalifa image

2. France, Paris
What can I say abou the love country. There is just really something that I find France incredible.
- The dream of every girl: go to Disneyland
- The beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower

paris, city, and night image friends, disney, and bff image

3. The United Stated
The place where live all the most famous persons, where dreams can came true and the place where you can be who you wanna be.
- It has the biggest and most beautiful cities ( Hollywood, LA, Miami, Las Vegas and New York )
- It has the " Angel Wings Wall "

girl, wings, and angel image

4. Spain
Spain is really a place with one word: Relax. The nature there is so lightful. And I can speak a little Spanish.
- The weather is amazing
- The clubs are wild
- The beachs are so wonderfull

Barcelona, city, and lights image

5. Shanghai
Many poeple say this country is incredible. It is a business country.
- It had many companies
- Bund Sightseeing Tunnel ( A tunnel with only light )

city, shanghai, and photography image

6. Italia, Venetie
This country is a dream city where every person can dream about it. It is also called one of the loves place.
- It is really a love city
- Luxury shops

light, travel, and venice image

7. Maldives
This country is really a dream place for every couple. For a honeymoon this is absolutely amazing.
- It has the most beautiful see ( It`s in the night time it looks dark blue with little diamonds in it )
- It have white beaches
- The sun is in every season

light, night, and house image

8. Mexico, Las Coloradas
This is a little city in Mexico. It has become known by Instagram. Only about one reason is this city populair because of the wonderful place:
- The Pink Lagoon ( everything in the sea is pink and of course the water of the sea to! )
- I can`t image that a place like this live in our world

mexico, photography, and pink image

9. Greece
A country in Europe you can be chill and nothing else.
- Take rest on the beaches
- The weather is fantastic

santorini, Greece, and sea image

10. The last: Australia
This is a nature country where you can be take rest to.
- visit The Ayers
- and take a look to the Backpacken

australia, Sydney, and city image

~ Andjeli