In my opinion our hair is one of the things we should take care the most. It is always exposed to sweat, toxins and heat, and we tend to do with it whatever we want to. How confident do you feel on a good hair day? It is part of our image and personality, and that's why I will share with you some tips for you to get a shiny healthy hair that makes you feel proud.

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1. Drink water
Water is life, they say. I am the first person that doesn't tend to drink water. Huge mistake. Drinking water will not only make a great difference on your skin, but will keep your hair moisturized.

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2. No more heat
I know it's hard not to use heat tools in your hair (I do it all the time), but remember heat only causes demage and makes your hair get very dry. Instead styling it all the time try not to do it so often, and always apply protectants on it before you start using heat tools.

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3. Washing habits
In order to get a healthier hair you should wash it 3 o 4 times a week. Don't wash it every day, if you do so, you will only make your hair gets dry.

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4. Natural oils
This is my favorite tip. You won't believe the great diffrence that applying natural oils on your hair can make. Use coconut or almond oil before hanging out or before going to bed. Your hair will get stronger and will look shiny and healthy.

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5. Hair masks
Hair masks are another magic wand you can use to give your hair the treatment it deserves. Once a week apply a hair mask all over your hair and wear it overnight.

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6. Brush it
Brush your hair at least twice a day. In this way you will avoid it gets more fragile and of course, it will look prettier.

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So I hope this tips help you to get a beautiful shiny healthy hair.
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Love, Bella.