Hallo hearters, in this article I will show you some musics from my loved country Brazil, the years come and go, but some songs live for eternity, and these songs are considered epic for many people.Although the funk (an style whose the sexuality is the "king"), some songs still epic and talk about love, life, politic, and other millions things.

Let's started!

  • É preciso saber Viver - by: Titãs;
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credits to: @KylieBizzle

The song talks about that all we need to know how to live, and make erudite choices to don't suffer after.

  • Menina Veneno - by: Ritchie;
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credits to: @666gunquota

Well, my mother loves this song, with a romantic letter and is a story about a boy who is visited by a girl with green eyes and they make love, but every morning she just disapear. Was a hit from 80's.

  • Vamos Fugir - by: Skank;
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credits to: @CocolateRose

Everytime that I hear this song I remember of my aunt, because when she was fiveteen she just ran away with his boyfriend (now he's her ex-husband and father of her firts son) to the beach and the song's letter talks about run away with your babe to the heaven (I undestand as beach).

  • Faroeste Caboclo - by: Legião Urbana;
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Faroeste Caboclo became a movie years later

It's a long story about an black boy who wanted to change his life and went to Brasilia to work, he felt in love with a white girl, but his life was walking through the ruin cos' he became an drug dealer, well, the story is very long, but worth all the applause.

  • Meu Novo Mundo - Charlie Brown Jr;
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"Like an photograph with innocents smiles, but life had another plan and everything has changed!". /photo credits to: @larrynrock

And the last song is Meu Novo Mundo (or My New World, in a bad english), I remember of my old crush, and the letter talks about a couple whose the destiny just separated both.

Now, let's talk about books for weekend;

Struck - Jennifer Bosworth

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not mine the image

The book is about a girl whose the life changed forever because once she was struck by lightning. The book is about the end of the world, an man who thinks he's God (a.k.a an savior of humanity).

The Walking Dead

Mature image book, the end, and mine image
both images are mine

Well, I don't need to talk about this, I guess you know, but the books are different of the TV show. I really love these books, and they have an easy writing.

So guys, that's all and I hope that you like this article. And If you enjoyed this, please, follow my collection of articles for more.

Danke guys!!

XO suzane!!!!