Hi lovely People,

This Article is gonna be about whats in my Bag, which help me to have a enjoyable and les stressful day.♡

I need allways something to drink i prefer GreenTee because it helps you to be more concentrated thru the day. You can make it in the evening one day before you have to go to work and put it in the fridge. Or you take Water like Evian or Fiji is also helps you to be concentrated thru the day.

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Than you need a small bag where you can put some make up in. When you dont have time in at home in the morning to put some makeup on, you can put some Makeup in the train or in the bus to look a bit fresh. For that i use a peach rouge and a nude lipgloss.

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than also you need something to write because you never know :-) you need a organizer and an pencil or somthing else to write select a colorfuul organizer this gonna motivate you :-)

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you also need a makeup remover,thru the day it can be that you mascara is not fresh anymore you can correct it.

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You also need wet wipes
with wet wipes you can clean everything like tomat saucce on your t-shirt or somthing like that

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you also need a parfume i prefer in the winter Chanel Mademoiselle it motivates you

Thats it people if you like it im gonna write more Artikels like this. <3