What’s In My Bag?

By Probablyancientbeauty

“Handbags speak louder than words”

So recently I got new handbag (early Christmas present). I use it all the time and it’s my absolute favourite one that I’ve had.. ever. Maybe we will have the same things in our bags?! I don’t know neither do to so continue reading to find out!


Inspiring Image on We Heart It black and handbag image
And no I don’t have a high end handbag/I was looking for something that had the same look.

Lip Balm

eos, beauty, and passion fruit image baby, lips, and makeup image


bright, fashion, and flip flops image bright, fashion, and flip flops image

Student Card

passport, love rosie, and student card image monsters university, disney, and monster university image


bag, black, and saint image
Like most people would and yes I know it’s a clutch,.. I just call my clutch a purse

Bus Card (Myki)

black, black and white, and cross image black, black and white, and cross image
I’m not sure if it’s just Australia that has Myki transport...


aesthetic, beauty, and girls image iphone and case image


carefree and tumblr image bag image
All girls should have this.. so you know..

Did we have any of the same things? Send me a postcards to know or like this article!

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