I wanted to publish this on Christmas, but I couldn't wait! Enjoy!

Working on a small cafe during Christmas time is simply stressing.

With the cold weather and snow barricading every street, Christmas time is sure to be our most heated season. People asking for coco here and there, hot steaming tea, coffee with fruitcake. Chocolate cake, milk, cookies, pastries.

Joy is so dense it can almost be tasted in the air.

-"Welcome to North Peak, what can I get you?"

My current customer—a blonde with soft brown eyes and a face caked with makeup—tapped her fingers against the wooden counter. Her eyes were scanning over the small menu hanging above my head. I offered her my sweetest smile yet, she seemed flustered.

-"Um, do you have an all chocolate cake? Or anything good enough to get my boyfriend to forgive me. He really likes this place and uh, maybe, it was a stupid idea, forget it."

She seemed on the verge of tears and I couldn't help the sudden tug in my heart. My smile grew bigger and I was fast to object. This place wasn't very visited unless it was Christmas, so maybe I'd know her boyfriend because having worked here for almost five years now had its perks.

-"No, don't worry! It's actually really sweet of your part, and I think I can help you."

She looked at me like a lost puppy.

-"Really? You'd do that for me?!"

I nodded, smiling all the time.

-"You see, I know almost every daily customer, and if he really likes the place, I might surely happen to know him. Tell me how he looks like." I encouraged her with a small smile. Checking the line behind her, hoping the other customers wouldn't get mad.
-"Oh, thanks! Well, he is really tall and—oh! He has green eyes and dark brown curly hair, he is adorable! Am, well, he's got dimples in his cheeks when he smiles." This girl sounded really in love "He loves chocolate and he told me once you sell tacos here in summer and well, he loves tacos." She made a small pause as if trying to remember any major detail about his appearance. "He's got tattoos, a lot of them actually and a crucifix in a small chain around his neck, he never takes that thing off. He's got a really deep voice and a Cheshire accent, you know him don't you?"

My eyes were almost popping out of their sockets. It couldn't be....

-"Is his name by any mean, Harry?"

The small blonde in front of me seemed to light up like a Christmas tree.

-"Yes! Harry Styles. You know him?"

I slowly nodded, ¿How wouldn't I know him if he was the boy I had a major crush on?

-"Yes, he comes here every morning to get a coffee and a doughnut. He loves our dark chocolate and Nutella cake, there's just one left back there. I can bring it to you."

I forced a smile upon my lips. Stupid Luna, how could you ever think you had a chance? Just look at his girlfriend!

I turned around to get Harry's girlfriend the cake, the smile immediately leaving my lips. I almost wanted to cry. I always knew Harry was way off my league, he was simply beautiful and I was too common for him.

He looked like the type of guy who'd go after pretty girls, not average, flat chested girls. His girlfriend was gorgeous, her blond shiny hair and vivid brown eyes were stunning.

She had a pretty face and a voluptuous chest, I bet she had a good butt too. Meanwhile, I was your average brunette with no chest and a decent sized butt. No curves whatsoever, the only outstanding feature being my eyes. But still, pretty eyes didn't overpass my obvious lack of tributes.

I placed the chocolate cake I myself had baked this same morning in a white box. Then, I took a red piece of ribbon and made a pretty bow. I walked once again to the front and placed the box on the counter, the blonde was nowhere in sight.

I frowned, where was she?

My eyes raked the small cafe in search of the pretty petite who was so distressed over losing her boyfriend. My lips churned in a scowl when I found her.

No doubt why Harry was mad at her.

His voice was still ringing in my ears. He had come earlier this morning for his daily order. I almost wanted to tell him I had been waiting for him; like I do every morning.

Memories started to flood in as I slowly pieced everything together.

I stood behind the old counter, elbows propped on the wooden surface. Face scrunched in boredom. The cafe was empty; like always.

Just when I had started to count the tiles on the floor, the small bell at the door ringed, indicating a customer had arrived. I raised my eyes only to be met by a pair of emerald orbs that I knew too well. My heart skipped a beat and my lips automatically lifted into a smile.

-"Hi, Harry! Isn't it too early for you to be here?"

He smiled at me before chuckling. I felt myself going out of breath.

-"Yeah, just had some problems yesterday night. Thought I could pass by earlier and see my favourite baker in the world."

He sent me a wink and laughed, I laughed with him too, but of course only to hide my obvious meltdown because of the wink and compliment.

-"By the way, you look very pretty this morning Luna, more than usual."

I felt a blush creep up my cheeks, his smirk only grew wider. If I didn't know better, I'd tell he was flirting with me. But one: He had a girlfriend and two: Harry would never even think I'm pretty.

He must have said that out of courtesy because Harry here is a gentleman, something I've come to learn with the pass of time.

-"Thanks, you look handsome too Harry."
-"I try." Well, if you look like that just by trying, I don't want to even imagine if you ever put some effort in looking good.

After that, an awkward silence until I decided to break the ice.

-"Would you like the usual Haz?"

He smiled and nodded. I could feel myself getting light-headed, gosh I had it bad for him.

-"Do you have any chocolate cake? You know, the one you make with Nutella?"

Thank God I baked a batch earlier

-"I happen to, would you like a piece?"
-"Yes, make it two, I could really use the boost of sugar."
-"Problems?" I raised my head slightly from under the counter after fetching his favourite mug. I always made sure it was spotless, just in case he decided to stop by during the day.

Harry took a seat near the fireplace, just like he did every morning. He looked adorable with his black sweater hanging loosely on his body and his dark skinny jeans clinging tightly onto his legs. He lifted his sweater and shirt a little to scratch his tummy and I almost choke at the newly exposed skin.

-"Kind of, my girlfriend and I had a fight. God, I hate her, I think she is cheating on me. Do you think she is cheating on me?"

Harry looked really worried. I don't know if his girlfriend was cheating on him, but for an instance, I knew I wouldn't cheat on him.

I wouldn't cheat on you Harry, no one would be ever worth it.

-"Well, thanks."

I snapped my head up and wanted to die right there as soon as I realised I had said that out loud. Blimey, I felt my cheeks burn.

-"I—um—sorry." He laughed lightly. You go Luna. Crackling great.
-"Don't worry, I think it's cute. But seriously, what do you think Luna?" He looked at me, his beautiful eyes staring right at mine.

I gulped. How do you nicely tell your crush that any girl near him is a bitch and that you are the only one for him?

Luna! You shouldn't be thinking that!

-"I don't know Harry, what makes you think she is cheating?" He scowled and frowned, he looked hot.
-"Well, she almost never wants to meet up and she sometimes smells to cologne, others man cologne. I know I don't or have ever used the type of how she smells like. I also think she is hanging out too much with that suddenly popped out of the nowhere friend of hers Isla, as she says is her name. And funny thing is that when I tell her I want to meet Isla she always refuses." He stopped for a moment before continuing.-"Plus, while she was in the bathroom the other day she forgot her phone on the couch and got a text from someone saved to her contacts as Baby."

Harry, that bitch is cheating on you

-"Do you really think that?"

My cheeks blushed once again, I had said that out loud; again. God, I was so embarrassed right now. I walked towards Harry's table and placed the cup of coffee with his doughnut in front of him. I went back to the counter for the bag with the two pieces of cake and gave it to him before walking back and grabbing a cloth. I began to wipe the wooden surface although it was clean. I just didn't want to look directly at Harry.

-"Yes, and sorry once again. I shouldn't have called your girlfriend a bitch, maybe she is a sweet girl. I really didn't mean to offend her or you, if you picked her she must be really nice. But you know, sometimes good people do bad things." Harry smiled fondly at me before bringing the cup to his lips. His kissable lips

-"Don't be, she really is a bitch when she wants to be. And her name is Quinn." I nodded, still feeling bad for calling his girlfriend a bitch.
-"Oh, nice name." I smiled at him.
-"I know, it kind of suits her really. She is a queen. Luna, I really love her and I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose her but I don't think I can look at her while I know she is cheating on me."

This is where true love is tested. If you aren't strong enough to let the people you love be happy, even if it means watching them go with someone else, then you don't love them enough.

For a moment I remember my childhood and how my mother would dress me in my Sunday dress to go to mass at church. The only passage I can really remember from the Bible.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs. Loves does not delight in evil but rejoice with the truth. It always hopes, always preserves.

This is where your true feelings are shoved into the spotlight. I loved Harry, and I wanted him to be happy. But I knew my place and sadly, it wasn't next to him.

-"I think you should follow your heart, as cheesy as it sounds, maybe try to talk to her and find out the truth. But if you really love her, don't let her go unless it's for the best."

I almost wanted to cry of impotence right here and now. Poor Harry, pouring his heart out to me, unconsciously breaking mine by admitting he was in love with this poor excuse of a human being.

How did she have the nerve to try and get Harry to forgive her while flirting with some ugly blonde right now?

-"Quinn!" I yelled her name rather angrily. She turned around immediately and that's when I remembered she hadn't told me her name. She left the guy and came almost running to the counter. I am surprised she didn't fall in those high heels.
-"How'd you know my name?"

I gulped and decided to lie.

-"Harry came by this morning and said something about buying a cake for some Quinn, I asked who was the lucky one and he said his girlfriend." She frowned. Dang, she didn't believe me.
-"Cake? What cake? He didn't give me any cake."
-"Well, it was chocolate, Harry really loves my chocolate cake. Must have eaten it." I laughed nervously and made over expressive gestures with my hands out of anxiety. I realised I must have looked really stupid so stopped quickly and pushed a strand of brown hair behind my ear.

Quinn puckered her red lips and frowned for a moment. She looked like she was having trouble with believing in me until her eyes softened and she shrugged smiling.
-"Sounds like Harry."

After paying for the cake, she left. I almost wanted to close the place and disinfect it from her disgusting presence.

I so totally don't regret calling her a bitch earlier.