Good Morning guys! (Or afternoon or maybe even night, depending on where you are in the world)

Today, I wanted to reminisce about the things that I have learned before I turn 17!

My birthday is EXACTLY 9 days away and I'm so excited!

1. Learn to love yourself.
- It's okay to have love and respect for yourself sometimes, I have just now realized that you can't expect others to love you or to even try to find someone to love you if you don't even love yourself! Try and point out the best parts of you every day and you'll see how much more confident you'll be.

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2. Work hard. Play Harder.
- The feeling you get when you have finally accomplished something great in your life is unexplainable. But the feeling you get when it truly pays off is even better.

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3. Friends are great, but only when they’re really your friends.
- When you have people in your life whom you call your friends, think about who they are and what they have done to deserve that position in your life. It's not okay to have friends who use you and never even care about you and exclude you when they go and hang out. I have learned that the hard way. Some would say it's scary to lose friends but, think about what doors will open if you do.

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- I have been wanting to start a YouTube channel for the longest time and I thought that I had to have the latest and the greatest. But I soon realized that I didn't and that I had everything that I needed right in front of me. If you have something that you want to do in your life right now, just do it! It never hurts to try and see what happens if you do.

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5. Move on.
- I have had a crush on a guy since the third grade and I honestly thought he had feelings for me like everyone in school said that he did. Yes, there were multiple times that I had the chance to further that relationship with him, but I was too shy back then. Now, I am a completely different person and I prayed that he would come back into my life so that I could have a second chance. But now I see that it's time for me to move on.

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6. It’s okay to still be single at my age. (Even if it sucks)
- Don't get caught up in who's talking to who and who likes who. It'll only make you feel bad and want to rush into something you're probably not ready for. The time will soon come for you to finally find the guy or girl who likes you for you, and it will be so worth the wait. I can't wait for that moment.

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7. Don't give up on the things you love!
- I have written music ever since I can remember, and it made me feel so complete! I stopped after a while because for so long, I have always wanted to be a singer and I felt that dream would never come true. But despite that, you should never stop doing what you love just because things don't particularly work out the way you want them. I still write music now, and I have never felt better.

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8. Have a daily mantra.
- For me, I wake up and say, "Today is going to be awesome." And you know what, my day ends up to be awesome. If you have a mindset that says, "Ugh, I hate Mondays, I hate school, I hate work." Then you're going to hate school, you're going to hate work, and your day is going to suck. Don't let yourself ruin a day that could quite possibly be the best day of your life before it even starts.

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9. Don't live with regret.
-Don't allow yourself to live with regret. (as long as it's legal and not life-threatening) Again, just do it! Live a little, life is too short.

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10. Write more.
- To be honest, I'm not one for writing but, I can say as I'm writing this blog post, I am having a blast. The ability to freely type how your feeling, letting yourself go, it's relaxing. I might start up a challenge to get people to do this more. STAY TUNED...

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11. Stay humble.
- Showing off and rubbing your accomplishments in other people's faces is totally uncool. It's okay to say you are proud of yourself for doing something but try not to come off as rude.

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12. It's okay to cry.
- Some people say it's not okay to cry because it shows how weak you are, I don't agree with that. Crying for whatever reason you may have, is okay because it helps you feel better, whether you like it or not. It helps you understand how you are truly feeling in a situation and overcome it.

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13. Missing school isn't cool.
- This one is more for me but it could also help you too. I am not bragging AT ALL. I have never, EVER, missed a day of school. I have had perfect attendance for 12 years consecutive. BUT, I have always wanted to know what it feels like to be at home, relaxing, while school is in session. Or what senior skip day will be like next year. I already know all my friends will be doing it, and it kind of makes me sad I will be left out. But I do know that it will pay off soon, so I'm good!

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14. Take opportunities as they come.
- Last summer I had the pleasure of staying at Emory University for a medical program. Originally, I wasn't going to go because it was a lot of money. But I'm glad I did because I got to meet some of the best people and I got an experience of a lifetime! Also, I think I may be applying for the WHI Editorial Internship. I love this app, photography, and writing, it's a perfect fit! Good luck to everyone else who will be applying!

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15. Things will happen when they are supposed to.
- Don't try to rush things, just give it to God and he will do the work. The rest will come soon.

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- A couple years ago, I was the happiest girl on the inside and out. It took me some time to realize the things that I have learned now at the age of 16. I hope to only learn more when I am 17 and to grow better and stronger in my life. CHEERS TO 17!

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Love you guys! See you in the next article! Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1.4K!!! It means so much to me, you have no idea!

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