I often get asked how I make my Instagram look so aesthetic, even though my pictures aren't always aesthetic. My simple trick is trying to have similar colors in my pictures or I edit them to fit in my theme. In this article I want to show you some ideas for your Instagram.

grey & pink

aesthetic, grey, and feed image girl, pink, and aesthetic image Image by ~ E ~ Image by hannah pink, paint, and grey image accessories, awesome, and bed room image

dark blue

city, new york, and blue image beautiful, quotes, and grunge image blue, theme, and ocean image car, blue, and light image fashion, style, and summer image blue, quotes, and theme image

cold white

Image removed coffee, white, and iphone image white, home, and decor image animal, dog, and white image white, stairs, and aesthetic image coffee, donuts, and food image


grunge, aesthetic, and purple image sky, lilac, and purple image clouds, sky, and storm image love, kiss, and couple image love, couple, and grunge image sky, pink, and grunge image

dark green

friends, nature, and adventure image watermelon, fruit, and green image green, theme, and tropical image cat, cute, and animal image nature, travel, and green image green, nature, and tropical image

light & cold

architecture, blue, and white image sweater, blue, and style image blue, white, and indie image blue, bridge, and theme image blue, indie, and theme image fashion, jeans, and outfit image

brown & gold

adidas, shoes, and beige image book, aesthetic, and brown image aesthetic, book, and beige image aesthetic, brown, and pretty image fashion, beige, and sweater image architecture, building, and cathedral image

warm white

book, quotes, and french image white, aesthetic, and alternative image food and sushi image white, flowers, and aesthetic image art, quotes, and grunge image white image

orange & green

flowers, orange, and hands image orange, green, and theme image orange, quotes, and aesthetic image beach, summer, and footprints image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fruit, food, and melon image