I'm starting to feel dizy as I turn endlessly. I stop for a second and get closer to him. His hands in mine above our heads.
He whispers something... "You look cute with all those glitters on your face"
I smile.

awesome, cute couple, and polaroid image
You look cute

We dance a little more, his body clos to mine, our heads against each others. His blue eyes diving in mine. I put my hands around his necks, he holds me by the waist. I can almost feel his heart beating in his chest.
I let my head fall on his shoulder. He smells so good, at mix of cologne and sweat, so exciting...

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Sudenly, without saying a word, he takes my hand and I follow him outside. We seat on a banch. There are a lot of poeple out here. I look into his eyes, I feel him starting to lean over me. He's looking at my lips.
"Why me?"

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Our lips finnaly touch.

It's my first real kiss. I remember our conversation earlier with the other guys, "I don't like when gril push their tongue into my mouth, it's so disgusting". I feel his lips so closed but if feels so good, they are so soft.
He stops and say "there are to many poeple here, let's go somewhere".
I agree
He takes my hand and we go into the woods,in the direction of the bungalows. On the way, he stops and grab my waist to pull me against a tree. He starts kissing me again. Without hesitating a second I put my hand in his hair, his soft curly blond hair. his hands star exploring my body, slowly caressing my back.

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We walk a bit again to find a place where we can be alone. But actually there is nowhere with no one in this camping. Students are everywhere. "Let's get to the bungalow" he says.
Once we arrive we realise there are the girls inside so he decides to take me behind the bungalow.
We seat in the wet grass. He lean over me to kiss me, I stop him.
"Why me?" I say
"You're cute" he replies, and instantly try to kiss me again.
This time I let myself to his kisses. As I open my mouth to ask a question, he stops me. "No more questions".

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I loose my mind kissing him. His hands on my body everywhere... On my legs, a little under my skirt...I put my hands on his chest under his shirt, I feel hsi muscles...
"if it wasn't our first time, I would say that I really want you right now" he says "let's stop a little I don't want to ruin everything"
"yeah you're right, let's go to sleep" I propose
"Do you think you can sleep with me tonight? I mean just sleep of course"
"Maybe .."

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To be continued ...


PS: some of you could find some ressemblances with what I wrote in my former articles, "I made a mistake" and "The dance" but it's purely fictional, it's just a little inspired by what happened.