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Somebody was knocking on the door.

At midnight? I thought.

My parents were out tonight and I was alone. My heart started racing a little, but I took the thought that I was going to die out of my head.

I took a deep breath, my hands slightly trembling and I opened the door.
Did your parents ever tell you to never open the door to strangers? Well, too late.

I saw a girl, maybe around eight or nine years old. She was looking down and I couldn’t see her face. She was wearing this old white dress, she was barefoot and she had messy black hair. She was also holding some magazines.

It was creepy. I was going to say something but she spoke first.

“Hello. I’m selling some magazines. Do you want to buy them? Can I come in?” her voice was soft but almost a little bit robotic.

“Umm, I don’t think I need any magazines.”

A little girl like her selling these at this hour? Where are her parents anyway? I was still freaking out and I haven’t even seen her face yet.

“Please! I have to sell them!” she insisted.

“I-I'm sorry, but I don’t have any m-money” I answered nervously.

“Can I have a glass of water? Can I come in?” she asked still not facing me.

I thought about it and I decided that it wouldn’t hurt if I gave her what she asked.

“Y-You can come in. Sit down” I showed her the chair that was in the kitchen and she sat down.

I grabbed a glass and filled it with water. I had a bad feeling about this and my hands were trembling so much that the water was going to spill out.

I turned to go give it to her but she was right in front of me. She finally looked up and at that moment I was terrified.

I dropped the glass and it shattered into tiny pieces. Her eyes staring at me. Oh god, these huge black eyes staring into my soul.

“Thanks but I don’t like water.” she laughed with a scary robotic voice. “I hit the jackpot, you look so tasty!” she laughed again. Then, she smiled. Her teeth were so dirty and black.

I stood frozen and I couldn’t move or talk. My heart was beating so fast. I was going to die. Oh god, this is the end.

I couldn’t breathe anymore, I felt like she was sucking my soul. She wasn’t eating my body, I didn’t feel any physical pain.

“Tasty!” I heard her say.
I saw those black eyes for the last time as I got swallowed by the darkness and everything ended.

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This is a story for a contest! I hope you liked it! Sorry if there's any grammar mistakes!

It is short I know but I wrote this in one day so...