There's a lot of things that can make you happy.
It does'nt necessarily need to be a person. It could be a person, place, food, something as simple as a book and many more.
So, here's a list of some of the things I turn to when I'm feeling down.

1. Prayer
I do not claim to be a rock hard believer but for me praying to lord has always worked in calming my nerves.

allah, islam, and الله‎ image

2. Food
I try new recipies but I don't binge eat, that's unhealthy. Sometimes I would just make salad and eat.

breakfast, coffee, and food image

3. Workout
Not everyone can find solace in working out but after a mild workout I find myself getting better (maybe It's just because of exhaustion but still).

Image by Workout.

4. Art
Painting has never been my thing so It's drawing or doodling usually that i turn to.

drawing, film, and girl image

5. Write something
Peotry, story, anything works.

pool, summer, and notebook image

6. Read a new book
A good book have had always worked to cheer me up (but books can make you emo too)

autumn, book, and candle image

I think thats enough for now. this is my first article and honestly, feels like just rambling.