It was a saturday night and me and my bestie decided to go live a little.
We went to a local pub in a city nearby, danced with strangers and had the night of our lifes.
Out of the darkness, there was this guy. Looking oh so handsome. We danced...we kissed...

It was a sunday morning when my bestie and I woke up. Mr. Hangover was joining us now. Although my head was aching and my stomach almost throwing up, there was still this spark of me that thought of that handsome boy at the pub. I got his number and we started texting all day long.

It was a monday morning and, let's call him Mr. Handsome, came to my school. We weren't drunk for a change and that little spark in me still lit.

It was a tuesday evening and we went on a date. We ate at a fancy restaurant and went to the movies afterwards. He brought me home and kissed me on my forehead. I thought Mr. Hangover came back to me, but it felt more like Mrs. Butterflies.

It was a thursday afternoon and we walked and talked for hours. We sat down at a very romantic place in the middle of the forest.

It was a friday evening and we babysitted two little kids. I fell asleep on his chest and we watched hours of Netflix.

Now it's saturday...♥