1.I hate chalk The texture agitates me.
2.I can't spell many things
3.I am Gay
4.I'm a girl
5.I hate when people say Gay is for guys. Gay is the term of liking your own sex. Homosexual is for guys and Lesbian is for women Bisexual is for any Gender.
6.I am very funny and weird
7. I am 11
8.Don't have snapchat
9.I don't have instagram
10.I do have Pinterest
11. I don't have facebook
12. I have polyvore
13. I have a youtube
14. I have Roblox
16.I'm crazy
17. I am amazing at math
18.I listen to kpop
19. Jimin is my biaas (Kpop:BTS)
20. I love music in general
21. I am mixed
22. My mummy is white
23. My Dad is mixed (so i am a little lighter)
24.I want to cosplay all the time
25.I like TV
26.I love food
27. I can not paint your nails or mine i am terrible at it.
28. I am not pure at all
29.I fidget.
30.I Keep looking at the time.
31.My parents are weird.
32. My whole family is weird and crazy Including me) :3
33.I played the violin
34.I am in choir
35.I hate saying goodbye
36.Netflix is bae
37.I'm single
38.I listen to songs over and over and over again.
39.I love to swim.
40.I hate cleaning
41.I cry a lot
42. All the cute girls are straight..
43. I am sleepy.
44.I was cute as a child...
45. What happened.........
46.I am great with children
47. I want to get married here in virginia
48.Because its one of the states that allow Gay marriage
49.I want to love a beautiful women that can cook,loves music,Doesn't care how weird my family and i are and loves are child as much as she loves me :)
50. I hate things that take too long.
BYE :)
The picture is my family now you see?
Yeah that's what i thought.