I’m smiling because I know who I am. 😄
Ain’t nothing like the feeling when you are winning in your soul.
Manny people will understand what I will say as an act of egoism, an act of arrogance and pride.
But, for God's sake, if everyone were as “egoist” and “proud” as I am...it would be extraordinary 😊
What I am trying to tell you is actually how to have self-love and respect…. Without loving yourself first, makes it impossible for you to love anything or anyone else.
The ones who aren't able to love themselves and to take care of their inner peace but claim to love and to take care of somebody else's inner space and peace are hypocrites.✌️
As simple as that. I've been there for a long period of time and sometimes maybe I still am, so don't worry.
Okey, let's get started.
I feel extraordinary, I feel wealthy, I feel fresh, I feel young, I have come to peace with myself, I feel happy, I feel enthusiastic, I feel energic, I feel love.
I feel how I WANT to feel, not how others feel or how THEY WANT me to feel. I CHOOSE consciously how I want to feel.
Nobody can take this from me. No one can take what I feel. No one can take who I am.
They can all complain about whatever they want. They can all say about me whatever they think. It's my life...so I’M GONNA LIVE IT it, not them.
No one and nothing can manipulate me. I am not constrained by needs, I am not attached to pleasures and I am not scared of anything. No one can take all these from me, because it comes from the inside, not from exterior things.
And, after a while, paradoxically, "the exterior" proves itself to be just a mirror for what you have on the inside.
I am helping and I will continue helping everyone who will ask me to. But.. I am sure that being sad and frustrated like the others, isn't going to help anybody.
I have already tried this and I can tell you that this isn't the way it should be.
And when somebody will ask me for help, when somebody will try to reach my hand, I am NOT going to lift him up, I am NOT going to put himself back on his feet and I am NOT going to tell him what to do.
No, I am going to teach him how to do all these things by himself.
I am not going to make him depend on me or on anything else, I will try to make him be an independent person. I am going to set him free.
I am happy because I have chosen to be happy.
And trust me, you can also choose to be and to create anything you want. Actually you have created your whole life until this very moment and now you deny your own creation and your own choices. You are complaining about what you've created.
Is this hard to belive?
Then try to analyse your present thoughts, try to do so with what you thought until now about yourself and about everything around you.
What did you think, what concept did you have about yourself, about the people around you, about your relationships, about your health, about money, about happiness, about life, about everything.
Look closely at the things you have done, at the things you have said. Aren't these the things that brought you here, in this very moment
The big difference is this:
Some people realise that they are not their thoughts, that they don’t need to identify themselfes as their thoughts. And then...they can use their thoughts as tools of creation.
The big truth is this:
Some are creating consciously, others are creating unconscioulsy, but everyone is, in fact, creating.
Pay attention at your life, try to figure out if your thoughts, words and actions are really yours. Is it possibile to be someones else's? 🤔
Like, I don't know, society, friends, parents, school, media, internet. Sounds familiar? 😅
Don't rush yourself in saying that it isn't like this.
Look again. Look at it deeply and sincerely.🙏
Your state of mind, your emotions (the way your body responds to your thoughts), your words and your actions are all in your control. So...just go ahead...play with them and create whatever you want to. If you want love and peace then choose love and peace. Think, say and do things with love and compassion.
If you want resentment, hate, lamentation and fear… then choose them. Think, say and do things related to and according to what you want.
There is no right choice or wrong choice. Nobody is judging you. What I am trying to tell is that you CHOOSE. Whether you like it or not...whether you do it unconsciously (this means letting other to decide for you), or consciously...you CHOOSE.
Life is a game, a game of creation.🌌
If everybody would only take care of their personal space, if they would just love themselves… then the world will be completely changed, the world will be like a paradise and it would surely look very different from what it is today.
Karma means to think the same things over and over again… and, then, of course, to recreate the same experiences over and over again. Change the way you think about life and then you will change your life.

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