Hi Readers,

Well, my last article appeared about one and a half week ago and it was fun to wrote it. I really enjoyed it.
So, in my country there's fall break(I hope you call it fall break) and I have a bit more than one week so I decided to write every day something.
I've seen a lot of article about these writing challenges so I'll give it a go too.
I hope you'll like it.

Well, as you saw in the title I'm going to tell some things about myself.

1. I love reading
Reading always makes me switch off. I especially love the sci-fi/ fantasy-s. Books always take me to another world where I don't want to go away. Probably, most people feel the same way.

booksi flower image books #heart #tumblr image

2. I'm an addicted movie/tv-show watcher(if it's an existing word)

But, I couldn't choose between the movies. I love every films.
But maybe, one of my faourite movies is 'Goodbye Again"-it's a quite old movie with Anthony Perkins- It's very cute. If you're reading this article search for it.

3. When I was a kid I loved Pokémon.

pokemon image pikachu, pokemon, and kawaii image
Me and my cousin always watched it. Good old days...

4. I love cats
Sometimes they're asses but they always warm our hearts.
My cat's name is Mogyi and it means peanut.But this is subsidiary.

cat, cake, and animal image cat, cute, and animal image cat, animal, and cute image cat, cute, and animal image

5. Sometimes, when I'm listening to music in the street, I feel like I'm super cool and I'm the star of the clip. xd

chile, tv, and next image
But I'm like this....

6. I'm a happy person. I don't like to cry. But really I'm always happy and cheerful. And I have a good friend( she is not my bestie, but we get on quite well) and she is dismal like almost every damn day. And then there's me -Miss Gladness- and I feel so guilty bc whenever she is unhappy I am still palmy and can't get to the same level as she is.

ضحكة image laugh and ضحكات image

7. My friends are constantly saying I am a walking cuteness.
Probably, that's bc I am always happy.

8. I have never had a boyfriend. lol

9. If I will have kids I wanna name them Fruzsina, Dénes, Merse.

10. My favourite meal is fruit soup. Especially in summer.

So that was my second article, I hope you liked it, so show me some love and follow me if you want.