Take Care

Thanks to you for being alive.If you are reading this,it means you are alive and being alive in this life time is so hard.Everyday we all hear suicide and self-harm news and posts.
Please keep going and please be happy.We have things to be happy about.
I mean,all of you have dreams right? live for these dreams.Nothing is impossible when you belive in yourself.
Second,adopt a animal.Because animals are our best friends and they are always here to listen.But please dont buy.
And i am here for you too if you can't adopt a animal friend.I can be your best friend and spend all day long talking to you.And i should say,i write poems about people i love and make playlists for them.Wanna be my friend?
Be brave.Talk about your phobias to other people or me.We will listen!
Don't care about past or future.You can't change the past and can't live the present if you worry too much about future.
AND lastly,
Please,please don't give up.Becaue you are my friend and i don't want to lose people anymore...