-First,don't worry about other girls's bodies.All women bodies are art and beautiful.You don't need to be so fat or so tall or so slim or short or something.
-Second,don't worry about love.Someday,someday you will find some boy/girl that loves you so much.And if you don't thats okay too baby,you have your family,friends and animals!
-Third,Dont worry about showing people the real you.Don't worry about laughting so loud.
-Be yourself.Don't care what others say.
-Yes you may be emotional and sometimes shy about your poems(art) but never let people call them "ugly."
-Always do what you feel like this is the true thing.Never be afraid.Do whatever it takes.
-Don't let your demons won.Don't worry about future,your future family proplems.Live the moment.
-Don't live in the past,don't cry for people who stayed in the past.You living in present and you have a good future.You can't have past.
And last thing,
Be happy and inspire people.Live the life you want to live.Don't give up on your dreams.I love you...