I've been all my whole live listening whispers, listening strange strong foodsteps, listening to voices, having the feeling that I was being watched, and even sometimes having the feeling that I was being touched. I also thought that it was my imagination. Till something happened, something that you probably are not going to believe, because you haven't seen it, yet.
This is my story.

I wope up in the middle of the night half-asleep and I went for a glass of water, the house was extremley quietly, even my hamster Bobby, who usually wakes up at night and eats, normally you can hear him chewing.

-That's weird.

Suddenly I heared a strange chewing so at first, I thought it was Bobby but my thought changed when I relised that the chewing didn't come from the studio, it came from my living room. I went there for checking who was awake, I turned the lights on and I saw nothing, but by the time I was leaving the televion turned on.

-that's strange.

I turned the lights on again and I was going to turn the television off when I relised that it was really cold in there, in fact I could feel the wind on my back, I turned slowly and I saw that the terrace door was opened, but how?

-Okey that's being more than weird, Alan if you're the one who's making all this stop it, cause it's not funny.

I heared a laugh, but it wasn't the kind of laugh that my big brother usted to do, it was more like a girl laugh.

-Allright no more coffe for me at night.

I shut the door and I closed the blind, I turned the Tv off and I went up to my room in a hurry. With such a hurry I didn't relise till I was laying in my bed the reason why I went down, I was thirsty. I went downstairs again, I catched a little bottle of water and when I was going up I saw a strange light comming from the living room, I had to options go there and see what was happening or run to my room locked the door and wait till the sun rises. While I was thinking which one was the best I saw a shadow and my bottle fell to the floor, lucky me it was closed.
I had seen a shadow I just couldn't ignore it so I closed my eyes I told myself that it was okey and I went to the living room. The terrace door wasn't opened this time, but there was a light comming from the outside, the only thing that I thought was:

How the blinds were up again?

I went through the living room in s hurry and when I arrived to the terrace door I grabbed the key and I opened it. There was a candle outside on the terrace table under the candle there was a note.

"Follow the lights or you'll regret it, forever"

-What light? There are no lights in here.

I turned right and I saw more candles, there was a path made of candles. I followed it. I was looking to the floor, because I was too scare to look in front of me, but when I looked I saw that at the end of the path there was someone staring at me, with s big candle on the left hand. That someone was the shadow that I saw some minutes ago on my living room. The shadow desappeared out of nowhere. I kept walking throught the candles path but this time faster, till I arrived to the end.
There was nothing.

-What on earth is happening here?!

I was scared, really scared, in fact I was crying alone in my big garden. After some minutes crying I decides to go back home and pretend that this had been a nightmare, but by the time I was willing to go back home I heared on my back the sound of an old wood door opening. I turned back fast enogh to hear the shadow saying.

"Come here, follow me"

I convinced myself that it was just my imagination, so I started to run but I felt. When I was trying to stand up again I heared something. The door.
The door was this time more opened, and behind it there were more candles.

-This can't be real.
-It's real my dear- said a female voice.
-Who is this?- I asked.
-Come here and you'll know it.

I followed the candles again and when a went into the door, I was expecting it to be shuted down. But it didn't.

Everything was dark I couldn't see a thing, except a little dot of light, that everytime was getting bigger, it was the woman. I couldn't do anything else but run to the door, but when I was arriving it shutted down in front of me. The woman was everytime closer and closer, but the door didn't open.
I felt a cold breath in my ear.

-At last- She said.

In that instant she dragged me down to the floor, and than she nailed me her nails in my legs. I stared to shout, I started to screm, to cry. Till I got inconscious.
Suddenly memories came to my mind.
It was me, it was my life, it was my evolution during the years, till now.

-Where am I?
-Where do you think you are- somone said.
-I don't know, that's why I'm asking, I can't see nothing- I said. I was about to cry
Then I saw her, again. She was looking at me.
-Who are you? Leave me alone!
-You don't know who I am, don't you?- She said.
-No I don't, who the hell are you?!
-Well my dear, I'm the whispers you hear at night, I'm the foodsteps that you hear, I'm the cold you feel in the dark, I'm the shadows you see in the night, I am your fears.
-Show yourself!- I yelled to her.
-Are you sure? Allright.

She was exactly like me, at the begining, dark brown curly hear, brown eyes, chocolate skin... she was me.
She was getting closer and closer, till she was in front of me, than her face completley changed, she had no eyes, she had a lot pf scars, she had worls in her face and spiders going outside her mouth, she had no teeth.

-Look at me- She said.
-Never- I responded.
-Look at me NOW!- she catched my neck and she turned it, till I looked at her, when I looked into her empty eyes I saw the worst.

I saw myself in my own tomb, I was being burriend but I was alive, but nobody could hear me.
Than I saw myself on an orphanat with no family, nobody loved me
I saw myself alone, the only survivor all my family had died, except me.

-Stop! Stop it! I don't want to continue seeing this, make it stop!- I yelled at her.

I don't know how, but I founded enough strength to get out of her spell. I woke up, and I hitted her as strong as I could, I took the key of the door that she had hanging on her neck, and I started to run as fast as I could, I could hear her dragging on the floor, but this time she had two big knifes on each hand, it sounded like:

"Bum bum pank"

I opened the door as fast as I could and I began to run, magically all the candles that were on the garden making the path desapeared.
I arrived to my terrace and I opened my house door crying and screaming, suddenly my dad came to see what was happening, I could say a word, but I made him signals. He went out to check but there was nothing there.

-Okey honey relax, relax I don't know how did you arrive here but let's go back to bed, I'll be there with you in a minute, let me first close all this.
-Okey dad.
I went up stairs, I stilled really scared, scared? I was shaking.

I went to my bed and than my dad came in, he waited till I was halfsleep, while he was singing to me lulubays. Then when I was half sleep he left my room. I was about to close my eyes, when I saw a creepy hand on the door corner and than a vocie who said to me:

"Oh honey, were you thinking that this is over? This is just the beggining"