stay at home with your bed socks and your bed head
- and you know, coffee first.

stay covered with your duvet
- and do nothing, but music.

while lazing around your bed, or i may say - during your bed meditation,
make sure your windows be opened to feel the scent of the autumnal morning breeze...

take a warm springy shower with almond flavoured or your favorite beauty collections.

a red red apple a day would keep your beauty, and the doctor away

walden, robert frost, the sorrows of young weirther, and so on ...

wish list : shopping list for this season, preview of Christmas, rendez-vous & must do, etc.
ex) raincoat, ice-skating with my petit prince, visit l'occitane

a decent bowl of sweet yellow pumpkin soup

dress as you are going to meet an evil friend of yours : black dress, fancy heels, a trench
- don't forget your red lipstick

enjoy your date : hot chocolate at serendipity, share cigarettes at the terrasse, a tranquil promenade

tune your radio on classical music : l'automne de vivaldi & tchaikovsky, gymnopedie, your favorite waltz

warm ginger lemon tea with honey

a short pause : in your garden, on the bench, out of your front door
- if you miss stars in the city sky, gaze the falling leaves under lampadaires, and breathe...

say goodnight to your friends, with your family or tonight's movie, fall in bed
- dream a pink-brown autumnal dream...