Ok ya'll. I have absolutely no idea where to begin so I guess I'll start from the beginning.

So I first found PLL on Netflix when I was like 11 or 12. And I know it came out much earlier, but still, at least I found it. So I found it at night and at first I was hesitant. But then I watched the first episode. Liked it, but was still hesitant. Watched 2nd and 3rd episode and I was HOOKED! At first I didn't like to watch it at night because it creeped me out, but now I'll watch anytime, day or night. I have watched all 7 seasons very thoroughly. And I have seen seasons 1-5 at least 3 times. Season 6 twice and Season 7 twice. My fave seasons are 3, 4, and 5. Every single time an A was revealed I was like WTF????!!! Especially Toby and Mona. Cece and Alex I kind of saw coming, but still, shocker! My fave couple is Haleb, my fave girl is either Hanna or Spencer, I can't choose, and my fave boy is Caleb. My fave mom is probably Ashley. My fave A (yes I have one) is probably Mona or Alex (because she's British). I still have to finish the rest of the books even though I know everything. The books are different though. But anyways, PLL is MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE TV SHOW OF ALL TIME! Just sayin. I know it's over, I know that (Aria), but I will never give up on it! And if you don't already know, they are doing a flippin spin-off of it and it has Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish. The new show is a spin-off of the books by Sara Shepard called "The Perfectionists." For more info go to the offical pll account on Instagram. Anyways, thank you for reading this long (if you did) paragraph about my obsession with Pretty Little Liars.