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A teenager girl named Anna and her little brother Alex decided to discover the new city they've just shifted a week ago as it's Halloween. Anna usually thinks that a better way to understand a city and its people is in holidays or in such festive occasion. Knowing that her parents wouldn't allow her to go alone and she didn't even want to miss the opportunity to go outside at any costs. She couldn't even leave Alex home alone either. Their parents were professors and went to attend a Halloween party which is being held in the nearby town by their colleagues. They had firmly told their kids not to go outside at night and lock the door and windows from inside.

Afraid of the darkness, Alex was hesitant to go outside, but he agreed when Anna told her that she'd buy him his favorite toy. Roaming for about half an hour, they reached to the middle of the town. Unlike the lonely countryside they are currently living in, it was totally opposite. People are chattering with each other, dancing and a bunch of kids playing happily to the sideways, all dressed in Halloween costumes. She can clearly see that the streets are decorated with candles and carved pumpkins. Even the pets are dressed and makeup in Halloween costumes. She was in awe after looking at the festive environment around her. Enthusiastic people with a happy soul, she thought to herself.

"Anna, look at that puppy. It is so cute!" Alex pointed at a puppy, which is wandering around in a cute Halloween costume and he tried to hold and hug that puppy happily.

But it hissed with red colored glowing eyes and tried to bite Alex's hand showing its canines teeth angrily at him. Anna was quick to yank his hand away from that puppy. Her little brother cried loudly with fear of this incident. Suddenly everyone's head turned towards and staring at them in a way predator looks at its prey. She sensed a weird feeling around being there and she walked away hurriedly holding her little brother's hand.

"It's scary. Let's go back." Her little brother said with a trembling voice.

"Did you forget what I had told you earlier? I'll buy your favorite toy and an extra comic book tomorrow. Now be quiet." Anna said feeling irritated and Alex nodded obediently with hopeful eyes. She knew how much her brother loves Superman and comic books. She felt guilty about snapping at him but the main thing that bothering her was, they have lost their track and now they were in the middle of an endless road.

The only source of light was moonlight, shining brightly in the sky above with no stars around, which seems like playing hides and seek with the clouds. Gigantic trees standing tall and looked like as if they were almost reaching to the sky. A flock bird passed by near and she stopped looking at the sky.

"Twinkle, twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are!"

Her mind diverted to her little brother when she heard that he was singing a nursery rhyme. She started humming with the rhyme and encouraging to sing further.

There is a moment comes to in everyone's life, where a person has to choose between intuition and logic. It felt like a battle to her to choose one among these two and she was certain that there is no going back. Her heart was saying not to go further but her mind saying to seize these opportunity to discover the surrounding.

She noticed a flickering light to the left side of the street coming from the trees. Curiosity got best on her and they started walking towards the light. While Alex didn't want to go there but he said nothing and ideally followed his elder sister.

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Anna comes to an abrupt halt. She was shocked and horrified by the view in front of her. A group of girls was dancing round and round in a circle around the bonfire. She told Alex to be quiet in a hushed tone and indicates to follow. They started to going back slowly in tipping toes. Treacherous dried leaves crunching at each step.

"We have visitors!!!" Someone chimed among the group and everyone's head turned 360 degrees to look at them. Their skin turning into old, flaky and almost dried as dessert.

Image by Le Cirque des Rêves.

"It's too late." Anna thought to herself and started running holding her brother's hand. They were not any ordinary girl dancing, but they were performing witchcraft.

But someone lunged at them and they fell down. Digging nails into her left leg, preventing to move forward. She felt warm liquid oozing out. Alex's head banged into a stone and a bruise formed into his head.

"Leave us alone" Anna said to witches.. almost begging.

"Leave you?" The head witch laughed loudly.
"Look at the moon shining so brightly like a Firestone. We were waiting for a day like this since three decades. And those who came to us willingly, we must offer them their blood to our master to get eternal beauty."

"...And look, you humans came to us" the witch laughed menacingly.

"R.. Run Alex!" Anna cried. And she felt someone had hit her head.
She saw from her peripheral vision that Alex was running... but fulling and stumbling in every three-four steps. She didn't want to think the conclusion. She knew it was all her fault.

"Run" Anna tried to scream but it comes out almost as a whisper. Her vision got blurrier. Slowly darkness consuming her.
The moon, sky, and trees shamelessly witnessed the barbaric incident.

Everyone knew, but nobody dared to go further detail.

12 years has been passed and people had seen that every Halloween night a crow with green eyes screams "Run Alex!" They believe it was Alex's elder sister 'Anna'
Even some people have seen an old couple sit at the opposite side of the road as if they are waiting for someone.

P.S. - It's my first attempt at writing a story.