Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't post a Freaky Friday last week. I had a face thing that wouldn't allow me to wear make-up, which made doing a Freaky Friday rather difficult since these are kind of centered around makeup. Anyways! This will be the last Freaky Friday and then we will be moving in to a new Friday special blog post for the month of November that I am very excited about. But, without further ado, let's jump in to the look! (Sorry there are no photos attached, but the accompanying pictures are on my blog linked here: https://extraordinarywonder.wixsite.com/extraordinarywonder/single-post/2017/10/27/Freaky-Friday-Deer-Edition)

Halloween image

1) Face

Like always, I started with my normal face makeup already done so that we have a clean slate for this look. Below is the foundation that I used, as well as the powder. I used a shade that is slightly lighter than my natural skin tone so that we could really highlight that brown, which will come later.
Foundation: https://www.sephora.com/product/amazonian-clay-12-hour-full-coverage-foundation-spf-15-P302918?skuId=1393370
Powder: http://www.ulta.com/studio-finishing-powder-translucent-finish?productId=xlsImpprod5050061

2) Eyes

I'm not going to lie, these were a little tricky because of the inner tear duct. I found the best way to figure out where that angle or "inner wing" should go was by drawing a line starting from the inner tear duct towards the bridge of the nose at a slight angle that felt natural for my eye shape. Then I pulled that eyeliner up across the upper lash line and halfway across the lower lash line. Then at the end, I winged the upper eyeliner line to balance out the inner wing. For eyeshadow, I stuck to browns and grays and creams. I did the bronzer brown (to be used on the face) as well as a light gray in the crease. Make sure to blend those colors all the way to the inner corner of the eye. Then I used a cream colored eyeshadow on the lid so that it didn't stand out too much. You could also use a nice bronze/gold color on the lid if you wanted a little more glamour. I also pulled the browns and grays on to the bottom lash line to even it all out.

3) Cheeks

For this, I took a bronzer (some of my fav's are listed below), and put it on the apples of my cheeks and pulled it back towards my ears. Then I pulled it up along my hair line and dragged it in to the temples of my forehead. Don't be afraid to build this up. I went over it two or three times until I felt it was dark enough. You can also go back in with your foundation and clean up the line. For this, I just re-applied my foundation in a line right in the hallow of my cheeks and blended it down towards my jaw.
Bronzers: https://www.sephora.com/product/chocolate-soleil-medium-deep-matte-bronzer-P229406?skuId=1511823&icid2=products%20grid:p229406

4) Nose and Lips

After the cheeks were done, I took the bronzer and dragged a line down the side of my nose blending it in. I did this on both sides to get that narrow nose like a deer. Then I took black eyeliner and colored the tip of my nose going about halfway across the top of my nostrils. Then I dragged the eye liner down from my nose to the middle of my top lip and then I filled in my top lip with the black eyeliner. To make the black stand out I went over it with black eyeshadow.
Black Eyeliners: https://www.sephora.com/product/limitless-liquid-liner-pen-P267225?skuId=1269539&icid2=products%20grid:p267225

5) Finishing Touches

After you have all that done, you can go in with the white dots. I used white eyeshadow and a pencil brush but you could also use white eyeliner if you have that. You want to concentrate the dots on the bronzed areas of the face particularly on the cheeks. You can do as many or as little of these as you want.

6) Outfit

Like I say every time, you can do anything you want for this part. I decided to wear something in that bronze brown range to mimic the color of a deer. You could do black if you want. Or you could add antlers or deer eyes. But I feel like sticking to browns is a safe bet for this look, so that's what I did. I was also going to wear black booties to mimic deer hooves but it didn't look good with the outfit. But if it works with what you are wearing, go for it! Or maybe even black converse would work too.

I hope you guys have a fun and safe Halloween weekend and I hope these Freak Fridays have helped you decide what to be for Halloween. If you recreate these looks, tag me on Instagram so I can see and like them! Be safe and have fun and I'll talk to you guys next week!