They say sometimes people can stand next to each other but don't know that they are made for each other. I guess it was not me he had chosen. But it was me who he talked to all the damn time, me who he kissed all the damn time, me who he touched all the damn time and me who he said his hellos and goodbyes every single day. And after all, we had he had still chosen her.
Not just her. But a "her" that I trusted and used to call my friend.Someone who was supposed to support me and someone who said "I am just trying to help"
Just trying to help.
It's bittersweet thinking about it after all these months that went through. Because that was what I think left me alone and broken. Sometimes I still think I am. Little did I know back then its gonna end up like this I would have never let this happened.
You and I.
His soft touch, precious laugh, deep blue eyes and loving heart. That's what I fell for. The stupid jokes he used to say to make me laugh. How he got closer in a second when we met someone, just to comfort me. When he calmed down me while I was angry. Sometimes I just wake up in the middle of the night thinking it was a nightmare.
Real Nightmare.
We liked each other, but it was gone. And she was just trying to help. Few innocent text and all of sudden he was with her, I felt it in my veins somethings was going to happen, but I was so blinded by my pain after losing him and after her words.
I knew it.
I knew they were made for each other. Because I loved them. Both of them equally. And I always will. But it doesn't relive a pain.
Someday I will see them both and smile. Because I know what he had with me was special and unforgettable. And I will eventually find myself someone new, maybe even better, But he will always be my first.
First love.
And oh honey, believe me, you will never forget your first love and your first broken heart. It is like art that needs to be understood by someone. And that someone will help me heal and love again.
And I will see them on a street.
And The Earth won't stop nor I will. I will raise my head and go straight.