WHI Halloween Writing

Don't panic. Everything will be alright.
I stare ahead, trying to focus on something other than the expanding knot in my chest. A pair of eyes across from me stare back, unblinking. Bloodshot.
I look around, but my surroundings blur into a whirlwind of shadows. The eyes remain, piercing. Desperate. The only thing I can focus on in this dark nightmare.
I try to cry out, to crawl away, but my body will not move. The most I can do is rock back and forth, tears trickling down my cheeks.
Is this a dream? If it were, I could wake up.
I try to imagine myself, laying in bed, tucked under the covers. Comfortable. Safe.
Don't panic. The whispering words echo through my brain.
With a deep breath, I lean forward, staring closer at the shining spheres opposite me. I would know those eyes anywhere, the familiar flecks of the iris shining in contrast to the dark pupil. Tentatively, I raise my hand and wipe the tears from my eyes, keeping my focus on my reflection in the mirror.
As the world swims back into view around me, I take a deep breath, feeling the familiar frayed rug clutched in my closed palms. I am back in my bedroom, the panic over.

Maybe one day, they'll stop coming out of nowhere. Maybe one day, I'll be able to tell myself everything will be alright, and believe it. Maybe one day, I won't panic.