1. Write down whatever comes to mind, a messy journal is a beautiful journal.
2. Drawings and scribbling are necessary on every page and a splash of pastel colours can never go south.
3. Poems are the best way to express feelings in metaphors and the art of literature
4. Lists are a priority ; bucket lists, grocery lists, workout lists, school task lists etc.
5. Birthday cards, love letters, notes from mom and every piece of special paper should be sticked inside of your journal
6. Writing in different types of sharpies, creates different fonts and the bigger the range- the better the page.
7. Try flower pressing and decorating your pages with it (applied with sticky tape).
8. Magazine cutout patterns can be used for the borders of the page or info blocks.
9. Set calendars and goals for yourself.
10. And the last but most important part is remembering to write down every adventure and scandal you created.

You probably have the neatest Journal right now.