Where am I?

I am lost.

Wait. Voices. I can ear voices.

Can they hear me? Please help! What has happened to me?

They haven't heard me. My voice can't come out.

The voices are gone.

Am I alone?

"No you're not"

Wait. Who are you? Can you hear me? Can you help me? Where are we?

"Honey. Wait. Go slow. Take your time."

No I can't. I want to go home.

"But sweetie you're at home. Your home forever. Here with me. With me forever.

We've got time.

Have you heard about eternity?

You don't trust me? Baby. I would never lie to you.

You know why? I'm your demon. Your thoughts. And your mind.

You are me. I am you. Forever together.

Don't cry. Baby. Everything's okay. Everything's finished.

We're arrived. At the end. We're arrived.

Do you wanna know where are we?

We're buried underground. Forever you and me."


Dark. Everything is dark. Where are my eyes?

Silence. I can't ear anything. Where are my ears?

Cold. No, it's not cold. I feel nothing. Where is my body?

I'm scared. No I'm not. I want to scream. No I don't. Where is my soul?