Hello from a very happy me,

So I am one of the winners of the #TheAspiringWHI competition and I am so happy. I never won a real competition so this means a lot to me. If you're new here: hello from me and thank you so so much for following me. And if you're here since longer: thank you so so much for staying with me throughout my whole journey on WeHeartIt. I started my account back in 2013 (maybe 2014), because WeHeartIt was so cool to have and I wanted to try it out. And trust me, I had no feed. I just hearted everything I liked and most of my postst got a round 2000 hearts, something that is right now pretty hard to gain. Then I decided, this was around 2015, to change my whole WeHeartIt and to actually get a feed. It was this very white feed, which was pretty hard to proceed, because there's was a lack of images that matched my feed. Then, one year ago, I decided to change it again (I'm such an unchanged person, lol). And that's my exactly my feed right now. I justed wanted to say thank you (again) to everybody from the #TheAspiringWHI, because you guys inspired me and I agree with everything you guys said about the revolution. WeHeartIt is a fun place for most of us, where we can inspire each other and make some new friends. Congrats to all the other winners, each of you has such an amazing account! And if you didn't win: for me (and I think a lot of us) you're still a winner. Just keep up the good work, believe in yourself and inspire each other! ☆

Kisses and much love from me,
Michelle ☆