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I can tell from my last article that the preview to a collection was quite successful. And so I will write another, this one being on travel and beautiful destinations. Enjoy!


beach, summer, and sea image california, los angeles, and Venice beach image summer, beach, and sea image beach, summer, and sun image beach, city, and light image beach, romantic, and candle image sunset, beach, and sea image sunset, sky, and sun image
The cool breeze and warm sun beat a lot of things.


city, sky, and sunset image city, light, and night image city, purple, and wallpaper image city, travel, and building image night, lights night, and city sea image Image removed city, light, and photography image Dubai and luxury image
Urban jungle. No explanation needed.


hong kong and 🇭🇰 image korea and seoul image japan, sakura, and pink image beautiful, fuji, and hd image nature image japan, travel, and kyoto image japan and travel image light, japan, and city image kyoto, osaka, and japan image korea, seoul, and south korea image
Sorry it's a bunch of pagodas but I couldn't find anything else.

Nature, Castles & Villages

mountains, Alps, and lake image austria, city, and home image austria and hallstatt image mountains, nature, and lake image castle, germany, and nature image Houses and town image castle and wales image city, town, and cool image france, flowers, and colmar image Image by Esengül Dökel
Small quaint towns and clean air call the adventurer.

Paris (how could I not?)

city, paris, and light image paris, city, and travel image paris, france, and travel image Image by Gayane ♥ paris, city, and travel image travel, paris, and city image paris, night, and france image paris, light, and eiffel tower image christmas, winter, and city image fireworks, paris, and beautiful image
The city of light and all things glamour.

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