A bright light shines into my eyes, causing me to squint. I cannot see anything, but the light. I am lying flat on my back; my wrists and ankles bound with leather straps. I pull against them again, checking for the sixth time if there is any way for me to escape. A door is creaked open and the heavy breathing I have heard previously has returned.
“Are you going to tell me why I’m here?” I venture to ask again. The breathing pauses for a split second before a raspy voice answers.
“You’re a brave little thing, aren’t you?”
I upturn my nose and roll my eyes, “It speaks.”
The thing chuckles before the bright light is snapped off, leaving the room in complete darkness. Between blinks, I catch movements in the darkness. For the first time, my heartbeat increases as I look wildly around the room. My eyes are taking too long to adjust.
I blink once more and when I open them, rows of teeth are inches from my face. I scream as saliva drips from its mouth and on to my cheek.
It one bite, I’m swallowed.
I tumble down its throat, luckily only get scraped by the teeth as I continue to scream. The green, slimy insides around me are covering me in chemicals, making my skin itch and feel as though it’s on fire.
“Shut up!” The thing yells at me, sounding far away as it punches its side, causing me to be thrown against the side of its throat. I continue to slide until the green around has disappeared, only the slime covering my body as an indication it was ever there. Swirling blackness has surrounded me once again and I try to calm my erratic heartbeat.
“Hello?” I call out, trying to shake the slime off. My skin underneath has reddened extensively and my fingernails are causing white scratch marks on top of it. I trip over something on the ground, landing hard on my elbow. I turn to look and see a tendril of gray smoke. I back away from it, sliding easily across the ground, as I follow the gray smoke with my eyes.
The gray smoke comes from a figure cloaked in red velvet, hovering above the ground. I scramble to stand, slipping on the slime as I try to run. The smoke shoots out and wraps around my ankle, tugging me backward. Another scream escapes my throat as a fleeting thought finds its way into my mind.
How did today end up like this?
The smoke suddenly pulls upward, dangling me from my foot. I hurriedly try to pull the skirt of the wedding dress downward, trying to cover myself up. A pearly white smile is the only thing I see under the hood as it chuckles at my situation.
“Everything isn’t going how you thought it would, huh, Belinda?”
“Who the hell is Belinda?” I spit and the grin grows wider, similar to the Cheshire cat. It suddenly throws me away from it, and I land inches from a row of spikes. My eyes widen in shock as the spikes begin to advance on me. The dress is slowly torn to pieces, my itchy skin not only red from chemicals, but now also from the blood rushing down newly formed cuts in my arms. The spikes increase in speed, and I am just about to be impaled when I shoot into the sky. I hit something similar to a trampoline when I realize I cannot move. I look left and right, my panic increasing as I realize I’m in a spider web.
A massive one.
And I hate spiders.
A spindly leg comes into view, hairy as a werewolf.
“Why do you keep tormenting me?” I scream at the blackness. “I haven’t done anything!”
Sixteen pairs of eyes blink at me as I stare at the spider in horror. Its leg is larger than me as it advances on me.
No mouth moves, but a voice comes from the spider.
“You smell perfectly delicious, Belinda.”
I sneer in disgust, but panic slowly is taking over my mind as the ‘spider’ stands over me, four legs on either side of my body. The ‘spider’ then releases millions of smaller versions of itself and they crawl all over me, sucking the blood from my previous cuts.
Panic and pain is all I can think as I feel the blood slowly sucked from my body. The spider web is then cut and I plummet to the ground, landing in a crumpled mess. I look up through tear-filled eyes and see a mirror before me.
My cheeks have sunken in, my skin a mixture of pale and fiery red, taunt across my bones. The cuts have grown bigger and turned black. My once blonde hair now stained red from my blood, as is what is left of my dress.
My hand shakes as I reach up and touch my face, my fingers as cold as wet snow. A figure appears behind me in the mirror, skin purple with black orbs for eyes. It wraps a hand around my throat lifting me up. I claw at the assailant, only tearing at the skin on my neck. At this point I realize the figure is only in the mirror. I gasp for air, stray tears falling down my cheeks as I hang from my throat.
I give up.