Fall. The end of summer. Probably the end of a summer love. No more flowers till Spring again comes. That winter cold that is awaiting. And so much more bad things someone would say about fall. But let me tell you some things about how I see fall.

First of all, that cool breeze that is waiting for you when the sun goes down and chills up your spine. And then a sweet feeling fills up the whole you. You kinda miss the summertime with your friends at the beach or running all around the town and just be a little childish together. But also, you feel ready to face all the problems that will come up your way. It makes you feel important. Powerful.

Another thing is the warm clothes that are to match with the cold weather. Hoodies, sweaters, jumpers, jackets and so on. So many colours that can match with your mood. They make you feel safe and confident.

Also, that weather that is the best to read a book that you didn't have the time to read during summer.

What's more is ice cream. I can't be the only one that thinks that ice cream is better when it's cold.

What about the hot drinks that you can enjoy? Hot chocolate, coffee, tea and so on.

Also, you have enough time to just sit near the window, look at the view outside and enjoy some good music.

The landscapes. The fallen leaves, the sunsets or sunrises etc. The colours of nature are so beautiful at this time of the year. Try going for a walk by yourself near the sea or to a park or just somewhere that you can enjoy nature. It will make you the world of good.

Last but not least, rain. Someone would say that is just drops of water that fall down coming from the sky. Yes, that's true. But what's more, is all those little things that come with it. Rain is so important to all of us. It's somehow the food of the plants. It's actually breathtaking just watching the trees grow. The smell of the wet road or soil that makes you smile. Also, it cleans the atmosphere. Even if it's for a short time.

Let me leave this here... People who don't care about the enviroment, and harm it in the worst way by being selfish are fucking assholes.

Thanks for reading this
and hope you like it,