Today is one of his days tha I feel horibly about me and my life. I feel like Ican't do anything right and I amn't good enought to to do anything .I always says tomy self that I m good in english math but secretly I know that Iamn't good enought that I amn't the perfect one .I always made mistake in enghlish and you probable already see them .I always madde mistake in math anciend greek chemistry or fysics. I was never be know that girl or boy who knows everything about math or he/she speak so perfectly enghlish . I was that one who knows everything but not so well because I always made mistakes maybe a little ones or bigger ones but they are still mistakes. That's make me not good enought,Tha word "not good enought "stuck in my head and greate a qeustion in my mind << If I amn't good enought to anything then how I will make truth my goals>> One of the million answers that came to my mind and one of the positives is <<I will make them truth just not all of then >> I also find one of the worst answers << I will not make then truth >> Yes I know it sucks.

But I am pretty sure that you wonter why I am writing all this shit . The answer is that one friend of mine says that I can do anything right and that hurt me a lot because ok I know that I made a mistakes but this doesn't give her the opportunity to say something like that...I still thing that I amn't good enought to a million things but cause of her I understant to what exactly I am really don't be good enought...yes ,yes, don;t laught everyone is good to somethimg but I will be not good enough to a million things and this is awesome