Friendships play an important role in our emotional and physical well-being. Friends can get us through everyting - the best of times and the worst of times. They are a real plus in life and sometimes even necessary for our survival.

So, how could friendship ever be a bad thing?

Here are five ways, each a good reason to move on from an unhealthy relationship:

1. You Feel Bad About Yourself

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The person builds themselves up by putting you down and is always pointing out things about you to make you feel badly about yourself. They are competitive and draining to you, it becomes all about them, and they are much more concerned with their own needs then yours. After a while, spending time with this person no longer feels fun.

2. It's One-Sided

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You do everything for the other, but they do nothing to repay. Of course there are times when one person needs more support then the other, but if most of the talking, planning and decision-making about what to do and comforting is done by one person, then it is unbalanced - so, definitely unhealthy.

3. They Can't Get On Board With Changes In Your Life

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A friend who is dismissive of changes you make in your personal life is not someone who is fully participating in the relationship.
If you have big things going on, and your friend is like, "Whatever", that is deeply uncool.
Plus, if your friend can't move on from the past - and they are holding on tightly in a way that doesn't serve you - it's time to bring it up.

4. You're Always Taking The Blame

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If your friend does something wrong, they should take the blame and be accountable for their actions. If you find that you always need to cover for your friend or take the blame, this is unhealthy and unfair to you. Stop taking the fall and move on.

5. They Aren't Happy For You

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When a friend is jealous you'll find that they're not really happy when you have success, and they take a little extra pleasure in comforting your failures and setbacks. This has to do with their self-esteem and their own feelings about their place in the world. Even so, when it comes out to you, it feels really horrible.

So, this was my little contribute to help you recognize the basic aspects of an unhealthy friendship, which is something that I have experienced too! So I know how horrible it feels to have someone so toxic and terrible beside you in your life. My advice for you is: MOVE ON! Try to delete those people from your life as soon as possible and always surround yourself by people that make you feel good, relaxed and happy, and that genuinely love you for who you really are.

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