My life was a pool of misery
And who should enter it but you
You took my dark grey empty world
And turned it colourful and new

Two young kids we seemed to be
Our connection just felt so right
I couldnt help how I felt about our bond
Though I tried with all my might

But I swear that I loved you once upon a moonlit summers night

Ill forever remember the night we met
How the stars lit up the sky
The feeling of your hand right there holding mine
I never wanted to say goodbye

And hand in hand, under the old oak trees
Your smile made my heart take flight
Beating and racing, my thoughts went a-chasing
And the gleam in your eyes seemed to be just as bright

Bright as it was once upon that moonlit summers night

And I'll say that

It seems to be so long ago
That I was lost without a prayer
Now youre my guardian angel
And I thank god that you were there

And yeah things get hard but what are we gonna do
We keep our heads held high and we keep pushin on through
With you right here by my side I know that I could never lose
But I dont know where Id be, if I didnt have you

So take my hand, and hold on tight
Together, forever, we'll soar to new heights
And no matter what, we wont give in to this fight

Its hard to believe this all started

This all started once upon a moonlit summers night

Once upon a moonlit summers night