we all think fairytale weddings are adorable. but sometimes they seem a bit too basic. here are some cute wedding ideas I came up with.

Are you ready??

okay, let's start :)

1. Disney

Everybody bashes on me for wanting a Disney wedding but I think its a really cute idea. Especially if your dress is designed after a certain princess you can take this idea and roll with it. also, who wouldn't want their first dance to be the ball scene from beauty and the beast

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2 Sanrio.

Everybody come and say Hello kitty!!
Kawaii -ify your wedding day with a sanrioland themed wedding.
hello kitty. This wedding theme makes all your guests think wow this girl/boy is obsessed with Japan.

couple, japan, and hello kitty image asia, canon, and color image cake, hello kitty, and dear daniel image diamonds, hello kitty, and long hair image

3 Mermaid

next on the List is a Mythical themed wedding. I was thinking of Princess Ariel but really I like the idea of an Under the sea wedding ( not to be confused with the Disney theme ) but of course, A mermaid wedding wouldn't be complete with a mermaid dress.

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4 Fall

A fall themed wedding is the best one I could think of that is the weirdest.
Just imagine your wedding is outside and your isle is embroidered by the crisp leaves of the fall. everyone comes in ugg boots and you serve PSL in the recession. LOL but no really I think someone could make this amazing if they wanted to.

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5 Alice and wonderland

Not just Disney but only Alice and Wonderland. I Can see it now
Just everything is confusing the queen of hearts is the priest. And Alice and her bridesmaids. dress in lolita fashion with a lolita wedding dress.

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Thanks for reading

- Bonnie <3